27 hour and 23 minutes (one way) flight :D (Shanghai pudong intl (ZSPD) -> Montevido Carrasco intl (SUMU))


Hello, great shots! However,
Please move this to the #screenshots-and-videos, and you will probably have to redo the 1st shot without the Ui, Good shots! 21hrs is an impressive feat!


oh ok i dont really know what this topic related so i just post it here

done, just changed it

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Sorry, but i must insist about this

cant, i already ended the flight, sorry

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Go to replays and press map off

oh ok, but hold on im doing another flight

Ok, which flight are you doing?

London heathrow → Le Castellet
britair 3

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Expert or training?

training server

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A318 babybus?

yas, im using a318 air france

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I see, good luck!

you too!, thanks

I love them!
Welcome to Shanghai!

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UI should really be kept in the first shot since (I think) the whole point is to show the elapsed flight time…

Anyway, impressive! I was thinking of trying a nonstop HND-GRU. An A350 with a light enough load can really go places…

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i initially tried it like 2 months ago and i think it took around like 24 hours

but you can go around 2-3 hours longer if you are going mach 0.65