27/09 Spotting at LHR/EGLL

Hi everyone,

Recently, I had one of my most successful spotting trips to London Heathrow Airport - and even though the weather was miserable and gloomy, dark clouds allowed for some awesome shots! In this spotting trip I also discovered a new spot which was perfect for 27L departures and spotted my first A330-900 - what an aircraft!

In addition, here is my Instagram account on which I post frequently from my various spotting trips.

With Virgin Atlantic due to retire their small fleet of Airbus A340s, I was extremely pleased to see their ‘virgin atlantic thank you livery upon arrival from New York (G-VNAP).

I also managed to catch the Air Canada B763 (a very old one at 30 years of age!) departing later on with some nice clouds.

Here is a Swiss Airbus A220 shortly before touchdown on Runway 27R - I really love the look of this aircraft.

This was my first time seeing the Airbus A330-900 and what a livery to see it in!

You can’t go to LHR and not post a picture of a British Airways aircraft, so here’s a BA Boeing 777 off to Bangkok!

Once again I was in luck with some lovely clouds when I took this shot of a SAS Airbus A320 during the sunset.

I’m definitely a fan of the Korean Air livery and I think it suits the A380.

I was lucky enough to see the Air New Zealand ‘All Blacks’ livery arriving and departing as well.

I’m sorry for all the departure shots, but I was really enjoying myself at this spot! Here’s a Delta B767 departing in some awesome light!

Managed to catch this glossy Virgin Atlantic A330-300 departing towards Tel Aviv - this is actually a brand new route for them!

Thanks for checking out my photos! Overall I had a great recent trip to LHR and I’ll be heading back there for 3 days in a week or so - can’t wait for that!


Amazing pictures! I really like the SWISS A220-300!

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Thanks Nick. Yeah, I can definitely agree with you there. A brilliant aircraft.

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Stunning!! I love that virgin A340 and that Beautiful A330neo!

Keep it up! Looking forward to more ;)

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Thanks so much @AlphaSeven! But the question I have for you is - A340 or A339? 😏

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Ooh, that’s a tough one! They’re both amazing in their own ways, but I’m gonna go with the Neo :)

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cool pictures

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Those are some really good pictures!

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This is an a330 neo


Yeah, also known as the A330-900. 😀


Its full name is the:


Further discussion in a PM if required

Love the Air Mauritius livery on the A339! Flew the A339 in June and it is an amazing aircraft!


the only reason why I do not like it is cause it makes me jealous that you can go there but I cannot (I live across the pawn :( ) other than that I love the photos

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Thanks. Wow, lucky you!!

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I went plane spotting at KSFO yesterday. Couldn’t get good pictures, but saw many international airlines.

Asiana, Korean Air, Swiss, Air France, Eva Air, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Canada, and Air China. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the Emirates A380 take off or land, maybe next time.

Your pictures are really good! Which camera did you use? Maybe I could get a camera with those specs for the next time I go.

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I use the Canon 4000D, it’s a good camera in my opinion - especially since it’s one of the cheapest DSLRs out there! Would’ve loved to spot at KSFO, that’s awesome. Maybe one day I will.

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Amazing shots! Love that NEO especially. Dropped you a follow on IG

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Couldn’t agree more with you Luke. The livery really is something special, stands out fairly well and on the A380 just fits so perfectly. Many times I look at the A380, in Pictures, in IF and IRL and think, well, this livery is nice and all both makes the A380 look to short and bulky, but the Korean Air Livery really spreads out well over the fuselage and showcases the Yin and Yang symbol very well too.

And then we have all the other pictures, which I must say, honestly looks splendid. Love the takeoff pictures especially, always cool to see aircrafts ascending into the sky as they leave the ground 🛫

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Delta 763 all the way.

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@AndrewWu Thanks so much! 😀

@Captain_JR Thanks a lot!! I really appreciate it! Yeah, some liveries just suit a certain aircraft better than others - for sure Korean Air is one of those!