26SEP20 / 1600Z - Graveyard Flyout @ KVCV

Hey everyone, I thought it would be cool to do a GRAVEYARD fly out tomorrow. As we all know, corona hit aviation real hard and lots of planes have retired. Lots being sent to KVCV (Victorville). I thought I would be so cool if all of us could get our favourite older planes (or planes in storage) at the airport and fly them out. It would be pretty cool to see all the retired aircraft going back to the skies. Flying like they used to!

Server: Training server

Airport: KVCV (Known in aviation as Victorville)

Time: Saturday September 25th 8pm Zulu time


As you can’t spawn in at the actual graveyard itself, I suggest you spawn in at the gates at the south of the airport. Taxi up to the red shaped area and park while more planes arrive. Wait until 8:15pm Zulu (15 minutes) before heading for the runways. Let’s try and get a packed graveyard tomorrow and get some amazing screenshots too! wink wink

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quite a short time, I’d recommend to make your events a week before it starts, I cannot go unfortunately:( I got one tomorrow

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