26SEP20 / 1400Z - Centennial Nanyuan Airport - Flyout @ZBNY

          Hello everyone

We will go to the oldest airport in China:
Beijing Nanyaun Airport

Beijing Nanyuan Airport was completed in 1910 and has a history of 110 years. It officially ended civil aviation operations on September 26, 2019 and became a combat readiness airport.

This time, we will reproduce the busyness it once was

Server: ES

Airport: ZBNY

Time: 2020-09-26T14:00:00Z2020-09-26T15:00:00Z


  1. ZBNY will use runway 36, regardless of tailwind or headwind

  2. The take-off method of ZBNY 36 runway is quite special, please follow the instructions below

  • Turn right 180 degree after climbing to 300 feet.Max Speed & V/S:200IAS 2500 V/S
  • The maximum G force is 1.2G, please keep it around 1.1G most of the time.
  • Please don’t affect the take off and landing of ZBAA Airport.
  • The takeoff route is close to the no-fly zone, pay attention to visual observation, and don’t fly into the no-fly zone.

Since there are only 21 civil aviation seats available, I will stagger the time

Gate Aircraft Spawn Time Arrive Airport Flight Number Remarks Pilot
Gate 03 B737-800 1400Z ZBHH KN2259 N/A
Gate 04 B737-800 1400Z ZYQQ KN2267 N/A
Gate 05 B737-800 1400Z ZBOW KN2907 N/A
Gate 06 B737-800 1400Z ZBTL KN2917 N/A
Remote 13 B737-800 1400Z ZSCN KN2927 N/A
Remote 15 B737-800 1400Z ZLIC KN2929 N/A
Remote 16 B737-800 1400Z ZGHA KN2969 N/A
Remote 17 B737-800 1400Z ZBLA KN2975 N/A
Remote 18 B737-800 1400Z ZBMZ KN2979 N/A
Remote 19 B737-800 1400Z ZPPP KN5211 N/A
Remote 20 B737-800 1400Z ZUUU KN5217 N/A
Remote 21 B737-800 1400Z ZYMD KN5531 N/A
Remote 22 B737-800 1400Z ZLLL KN5605 N/A
Remote 23 B737-800 1400Z ZSYT KN5715 N/A
Remote 24 B737-800 1400Z ZSSS KN5737 N/A
Remote 25 B737-800 1400Z ZSFZ KN5775 N/A
Remote 26 B737-800 1400Z ZJSY KN5827 N/A
Remote 27 B737-800 1400Z ZGGG KN5829 N/A
Remote 28 B737-800 1400Z ZGSD KN5831 N/A
Remote 29 B737-800 1400Z ZGSZ KN5855 N/A
Remote 30 B737-800 1400Z ZSLY KN5921 N/A
Gate 03 B737-800 1430Z ZSAM KN5927 N/A
Gate 04 B737-800 1430Z ZSPD KN5977 N/A
Gate 05 B737-800 1430Z ZSNB KN5991 N/A
Gate 06 B737-800 1430Z ZSYT KN5969 N/A
Remote 13 B737-800 1430Z ZSSS KN5955 N/A
Remote 15 B737-800 1430Z ZGGG KN5899 N/A
Remote 16 B737-800 1430Z ZJSY KN5891 N/A
Remote 17 B737-800 1430Z RJNS KN5997 N/A
Remote 18 B737-800 1430Z ZSGS KN5991 N/A
Remote 19 B737-800 1430Z ZJYX KN7441 N/A
Remote 20 B737-800 1430Z ZSWZ KN5957 The last commercial flight at Nanyuan Airport
Remote 21 B737-800 1430Z ZBAD KN1016 The last flight at Nanyuan Airport

Nice thread! However I am unavailable at that time 😢I wish I can join next time


Unique one! Nice thread @Berlin_N :smerk:


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