26SEP20/0830Z - Australasian Getaway - QVG + CXVA @ YPAD-YSSY

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Celebrating a Brand New Partnership

Qantas Virtual Group and Cathay Pacific Virtual Group have teamed up, as Virtual Airline Partners, to present a brand new 2-part event series, connecting the Australian city of Adelaide with the global hub of Hong Kong. In our first leg, we head to Sydney for a brief stopover before heading North and enjoy the beautiful harbour views and warm weather.

Qantas Virtual Pilots are invited to fly in the Qantas 737 aircraft, while Cathay Virtual pilots are welcome to fly in the Cathay 777-300ER.


Departure Airport: Adelaide Airport (YPAD)

Arrival Airport: Sydney Airport (YSSY)

Departure Time: Saturday, September 26, 2020 8:00 AM

Server: Expert Server

Aircraft: Qantas B737-800 & Cathay Pacific 777-300ER

Estimated Flight Time: 1:50

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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More flightplan info available here

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Gate Aircraft Pilot
Gate 22R 77W @alexev
Gate 20R 77W @Eduardo_Araujo
Gate 18R 77W @IF_Pacific
Gate 16R 77W @MattBrowns
Gate 23 B737 @sam2875
Gate 24L B737 @Oli_H
Gate 25 B737 @Infinite_Josh
Gate 26L B737 @Cameron_M
Gate 14L B737 @Akshay_sai
Gate 13 B737 @CapDUDE
Gate 12L B737 @VH-VCQ
Gate 010B B737 @Liam06
Gate 010A B737 @Air_Boss
Gate 010C B737 @Robert_Thomas1
Gate 010D B737
Gate 27 B737

More gates are available if needed

This event is hosted by both Qantas Virtual Group and Cathay Pacific Virtual. Find out more about QVG here, and CXVA here


I’ll have a gate 👍

I would like to reserve a gate

There is a high chance I can make it so I’ll reserve a gate just in case

Can I have a gate please

@Oli_H and @Infinite_Josh, you have gates 24L and 25 respectively.

@Akshay_sai and @IF_Pacific, will you be joining us in a B777 or B737?

Look forward to seeing you guys there!


Can I have a gate please!

Sure thing @Cameron_Mcdermott ! Would you like a 737 or 777 gate?

737 would be great! 777s dont fly ADL-SYD

I’ll take a 77W gate👍

Well it didn’t but Cathay Pacific has been flying SYD-ADL as a special ad-hoc cargo flight. You can say its a COVID limited flights.

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Sure thing @Cameron_M! You have Gate 26L. You might also be interested to know that Cathay Pacific have been flying a few flights between Adelaide and Sydney as stopovers on their way to Hong Kong, due to the Pandemic. Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map | Flightradar24

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@MattBrowns, done! You have Gate 16R.

See you there!

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If you’re part of QVA, is the 777 allowed?

If so, I’ll take the 777

Yep, that’s allowed - you have Gate 18R.

See you there!

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Ok cool beans

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I would be joining with B737

@Akshay_sai, you have Gate 14L.

See you there!

Never knew that! Probaly cargo flights maybe.