26OCT21 / 1700Z - Austrian Virtual Airline NATIONAL DAY FLY-OUT @LOWW

Hello all! Welcome to Austrian Virtual Airlines first Event FLY-OUT! We have some great routes from us and our codeshare VA’s as well! We hope you will enjoy, and we see us in the Heart of EUROPE!

Vienna International Airport (VIE / LOWW)

Vienna International Airport is situated in Schwechat which is located southeast of the city of Vienna. The airport serves the capital of Austria and is the hub of Austrian Airlines. Handling almost 30 million passengers annually, this airport features two runways and is capable of handling wide-body aircraft up to the A380. A third runway is also being planned to cater to the growing traffic.

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Vienna International Airport LOWW (VIE)

Time: 1700Z or 2021-10-26T17:00:00Z


  • Please be respectful of other aircraft
  • Follow all expert server procedures
  • We are not responsible for any violations during or after the event
  • Please listen to all instructions given when at the event
  • We are using RWY 29 or RWY 16 for Departure
  • Anyone in Austrian VA may fly any codeshare or Austrian route and get 2x flight multiplier!
  • Have fun!
ATC Staff
Frequency Controller Time

Concourse F

13 Gates Left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Austrian 777-200ER Los Angeles KLAX F01 @MiglMicheal
Austrian A321 Tirana LATI F04
Austrian 777-200ER John F Kennedy KJFK F05 @Ritesh321 AUA 108VA
Austrian A321 Dubrovnik LDDU F08
Austrian A321 Athens LGAV F12
Austrian 777-200ER Washington Dulles KIAD F13 @Robert_NG001 AUA 001VA
Austrian A321 Larnaca LCLK F16 @kalil_flyer
Austrian Q400 Nuernberg EDDN F22 @Jumbo-Jan AUA 101VA
Austrian 777-200ER Chicago KORD F23
Austrian Q400 Klagenfurt LOWK F26 @Marcel_NG002 AUA 003VA
Austrian Q400 Graz LOWG F32 @Bernd_Jammernegg
Austrian 777-200ER Cape Town FACT F33
Austrian ERJ-195(Generic) Minsk UMMS F36
Austrian 777-200ER Bangkok VTBS F43
Austrian ERJ-195(Generic) Belgrade LYBE F44
Austrian A320(Generic) Amsterdam EHAM F46 @CrazyBee AUA 005VA
Austrian 777-200ER Port Louis FIMP F47
Austrian A319(Generic) Pristina BKBR F48
Austrian 767-300(Generic) Montreal CYUL F53
EgyptAir 737-800 Cairo HECA F55 @askrdl
Austrian 777-200ER Male VRMM F57

Concourse B

15 Gates Left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Aeroflot 737-900 Moscow UUEE B71
Saudia A319 Riyadh OERK B72
Saudia A319 Jeddah OEJN B73 @HUMVEE
Ukraine Int. 737-900 Kiev UKBB B74
Royal Jordanian A319 Queen Alia Int’l OJAI B75
Royal Air Maroc 737-800 Casablanca GMMN B81
Peoples ERJ-170(Generic) Sankt Gallen LSZR B82
Peoples ERJ-170(Generic) Napoli LIRN B83
Peoples ERJ-170(Generic) Salzburg LOWS B84
Austrian Q400 Zagreb LDZA B85
El Al 737-800 Tel Aviv LLBG B91
Request Request Request Request B92
Request Request Request Request B93
Request Request Request Request B94
Request Request Request Request B95
Request Request Request Request B96

Concourse C

3Gates left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Brussels A319 Brussels EBBR C31
Croatia Q400 Zagreb LDZA C32
Lufthansa A320 Munich EDDM C33 @Ikaika_Boi808
Lufthansa A320 Frankfurt EDDF C34 @Nefarious
Wizz A321 Ohrid LWOH C35 @WZZVA
Wizz A321 Ohrid LWOH C36 @tjb0709
Wizz A321 Ohrid LWOH C37 @WZZVA
Wizz A321 Ohrid LWOH C38 @WZZVA
Wizz A321 Ohrid LWOH C39 @WZZVA
Wizz A321 Ohrid LWOH C40 @WZZVA
Wizz A321 Ohrid LWOH C41 @WZZVA
Luxair Q400 Luxembourg ELLX C42

Concourse D/E

12 Gates Left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Air Canada 777-300ER Toronto CYYZ D21 @Marcus3
Ethiopian 787-9 Addis Ababa HAAB D22
China Airlines A350 Beijing ZBAA D23
Turkish A333 Istanbul LTFM D24 @Mayank_Pawar
Emirates A380 Dubai OMDB D27
TAP A320 Lisbon LPPT D28
ANA 787-10 Tokyo RJTT D29
Cathay 777-300ER Hong Kong VHHH E41 @Arnav_Ola
Austrian Q400 Innsbruck LOWI E42 @Luu AUA 002VA
British Airways A321 London EGLL E43 @Tom_Jennings
Austrian A321 Zurich LSZH E44
Austrian A321 Tel Aviv LLBG E45
Austrian A320(Generic) Berlin EDDT E46
Austrian A319(Generic) Paris LFPG E47
Austrian Q400 Salzburg LOWS E48 @Henrik003 AUA 121VA
Austrian A321 Larnaca LCLK E49 @egor_a7xxl
Request Request Request Request E50
Request Request Request Request E51
Request Request Request Request E52

H Stand

8 Gates Left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Eurowings A320 Dusseldorf EDDL H41
Eurowings A320 Hamburg EDDH H42
Eurowings A320 Hannover EDDV H43
Eurowings A320 Lanzarote GCRR H44
Eurowings A319 Stuttgart EDDS H45
Eurowings A320 Faro LPFR H46
Eurowings A319 Catania LICC H48
Eurowings A319 Koeln-Bonn EDDK H49

K Stand

9 Gates Left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Airbus A318 ACJ Toulouse LFBO K41
Airbus A318 ACJ Toulouse LFBO K43
Airbus A318 ACJ Toulouse LFBO K44
Surf Air CCX London City EGLC K45
Surf Air CCX London City EGLC K46
Surf Air CCX London City EGLC K47
Austrian ERJ-195 Odesa UKOO K48
Generic 777-300ER Tokyo RJTT K50
Austrian A321 Manchester EGCC K51


Apply Below!

Our Website | Pilot Application

Thread Credit: @Robert_NG001 ; Base of First Picture found from @CrazyBee


@CrazyBee @CFG_Hawk @Nefarious @Luu @Marcel_NG002 @Ritesh321 @Jumbo-Jan @Henrik003 @Abel_Kocsis


Signe me up for this flight


You are signed in!


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Sign me up for this flight please! Thanks

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Signed in! Thanks and have Fun

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@Haribo We like to invite you to join our Fly Out!

Have a great Day!


Can i Take this gate? AUA108


Unfortunately I can’t make it :(

Really appreciate the invite though!


I would like to have the Flight to Salzburg 🤗


Hi can I have the Cathay 777-300ER Hong Kong VHHH E41


Thanks your are signed in! Enjoy our Fly Out


Thanks your are signed in! Enjoy our Fly Out

Find your Gate in the List 😉

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Thanks! Your are signed in! Enjoy our Fly Out


This but in the British airways A320 please.


It’s changed for yo and you are signed in.

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Mind if I take this?


Hello, signed you in for the KLAX Flight!

Thanks for joining, and hav Fun.

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May I sign up for Austrian Flight to Klagenfurt ? Thx


Hello, signed you for F26 with the Q400. Thanks and enjoy

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