26NOV22 | 1600Z | Bucharest Overload @ LROP!

Ok, noticed!

You’re signed up!

LOT 737-800 to Warsaw

LOT uses the E175 for this route

No they use the 737 as well

Yeah my bad, you are signed up for Gate 105.

@United403 please tell me what aircraft you will use and where will you go. thanks

I unfortunately can not join. Can I also request to not be pinged anymore

Sure. Then please mark as not going

hey do you think maybe I could get medium haul flights like 4-5 hours. Oh and please recommend me a route and aircraft

You can get FlyDubai for Dubai 737-800 Flight time 5 hours. Gate 113. Confirm?

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um yea sure!

Sign-up changed. Good evening.

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Attention everyone. We have a new sponsor! Join the event now at: 20NOV22 Skiathos Fly-in/Flyout! 1 GATE LEFT! - #142 by United403

Lets get some more signups

Update: will also take tower position

Event is in one day. Let’s get some more signups

yall ready? 🤌🤌

Sure I am. Any more signups?

@YT_Sniegutizzz Sorry to see you go!

@coolguy_bob May I please ask where you are going today and what aircraft will you use?