26NOV22 | 1600Z | Bucharest Overload @ LROP!

Summary: Let’s make Bucharest as busy as possible!

Server: Expert Server

Airport: LROP. Both Fly-In/Fly-Out.

Time: 1600Z



There is no gate reservation, but please spawn realistically!

GA apron: Jets, Small Aircraft

Gates: International Flights that are departing except Gate 109A and Gate 107A that can be used for Domestic Flights

Stands: any type of aircraft

Military apron: Please DO NOT use this apron.
Military aircraft are not permitted during this event.


ATIS: @pog_3r
Ground: @pog_3r
Tower: @pog_3r


And as always please be realistic, follow gate rules and fly safe!


Gates 107A and 109A are actully pretty much never used the way they are in IF. It’s not uncommon for domestic flights to use the “international terminal” gates, especially if it’s an arriving domestic flight.

Yes, the international terminal gates being 107A and 109A as stated above. No other gates are used for domestic flights expect stands and these 2 International Terminal Gates.

interesting.Hope it can make a success!

Thanks for the support! You can sign up if you would like, many spots left!

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What I meant is that 107A and 109A are almost never used at all (domestic or international) and that domestic flights can also use what you call international gates (101-115)

welcome!but because of time different,I can’t make it.It’s a pity!

How do you know? I come here almost everyday, and I have never seen Domestic Flights at International Gates except 107A and 109A. And if you are not happy with the gates I told you, just leave and stop talking in this thread. Good day.

No worries! Thanks for your interest!

I fly domestic quite a bit and it personally happened to me a few times recently. Obviously it was a bus boarding despite the plane being parked at a jetbridge.
Not that I am not happy with the gates, it’s your event at the end of the day but I just gave a tip on how you can make it more realistic. Not my fault at all you can’t handle it need to tell me to leave. Good luck with your event anyway!

So you’re telling me its realistic to put Domestic Flights at the International Terminal…? And what airline did you fly? Blue Air? They failed and this does not apply anymore.

Im trying to make this realistic but your “tip” is outdated since September. Think twice before arguing and posting it.

Oof, I just can’t not continue this as much as I would like to stop. Yes, domestic flights do park at the international terminal sometimes. The main difference is that the passengers themselves won’t use the international terminal for boarding. Would appreciate if you could also stop assuming what airline I flew before calling my point outdated. During the last few months, Blueair was a rare sight at the “international terminal” because of unpaid airport taxes anyway. ROT is the only airline that can sometimes happen to park at the international terminal (was also a TAROM in my case) for a domestic flight. It is also pretty much the only option to fly domestically for now, unfortunately.

If you can’t continue, don’t reply. This ends now. You made my thread look like a mess.

That’s enough, both of you. This isn’t even that serious.


Hi @MediaRedBlueLogoMake @Butter575 @United403 and @YT_Sniegutizzz
Thanks for signing up!

Just as a general idea, what aircraft will you use and where will you spawn, also tell me where you are going. Thanks!

mind if I sign up?

Sure no problem just tell me what area you will spawn in, aircraft and destination

could you recommend me a gate? I am in a flight and can’t really look but I will be using 787 Air France to LFPG

Sorry, Airport dosent accept a 787. You can instead use an 320 and spawn at gate 102

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alrighty fair enough!! Thanks mate