26NOV21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Good Morning Baltimore @ KBWI

Not BWI? fully cancelled

Lol I will be at BWI!😊

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My sister’s a real one


You know it!🌚😊😂

You guys take heavy triples yeah?

There are class E gates but probably for cargo only

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Precisely what I’m coming in with!

I’ve been away for so long lol, got as low as Grade 3😂.

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A lot of them are for cargo but the heavy international flights used them when they were a thing but are still used for larger aircraft that come on occasion!

I will join it… Swiss 22 from Geneva. Will take off soon for LSGG-KJFK-LSGG. Seems like Baltimore is not heavy-friendly

Why hello there @Kostas_K … joining me for KBOS-KBWI?
Also how fast are you going? im trying to catch up lol

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It’s just one very big swamp.

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Superb Shape

Baltimore is my home airport so it’s cool to see so many people flying to it.

I have a question. I am in A330… could I land at Baltimore and take a cargo gate ? If not, could I do a touch and go and flying towards JFK? ETA = 2100Z. I’m going out so I will make some holding circles in my flight plan in the case I’m not back home when approaching.

Hey there! I just saw the text! Was a bloodbath on arrival

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Fully Ready to go burn some holes in the Potomac skies!


Gate hold means you can’t pushback just fyi to anyone at KBWI, so request pushback once, you’ll get a hold position. Then you’d wait for the new ATIS update that doesn’t include the gate hold to be able to get clearance to pushback.


Are arrivals being accepted?

Or do I need to prepare to hold?

Read ATIS :)

Helpful thanks.