26MAY22 / 1545Z - The great Canadian YYJ flyout @ CYYJ

If you’re a fan of the pacific northwest’s amazing scenery, then please join the great Canadian YYJ flyout, hosted at Victoria International Airport - one of the newest BC 3D airports in Infinite Flight!

Server: Training

Airport: Victoria International Airport - CYYJ

Time: 15:45Z spawn-in time to begin at 16:00Z

Gate slots

International terminal gate 03A (jetbridge available):
International terminal gate 04 (jetbridge available):
Domestic terminal gate 05: @CanadianNorth (Westjet 3102, Q400)
Domestic terminal gate 06:
Domestic terminal gate 07: @BCBlueberriesAir (AC Express 8148, Q400)
Domestic terminal gate 08:
Domestic terminal gate 09:
Domestic terminal gate 10:
Domestic terminal gate 12 (jetbridge available):
Domestic terminal gate 13 (jetbridge available):

ATC slots

Vancouver centre:

Acceptable Aircraft:

Dash-8 Q400 (Air Canada Express or Westjet livery only)
B737-800 (Westjet livery only)
Airbus A319/A321 (Air Canada/Air Canada Rouge livery only)

If you wish to participate as a pilot or ATC, please reply below with your preferred gate (if unoccupied), aircraft, livery choice and callsign you will use on the day, and if you wish to participate as ATC, please reply with which frequencies you would like to control.

Please obey ATC if available, and if not please use the unicom properly. (Note: you are responsible for any violations incurred)

If you wish to be online with other participants in a voicechat at the Pacific Otter flying club, please join the discord here: Pacific Otter Flying Club

Last of all: be courteous, take some good photos and have a nice flight!


Requesting Gate 5. WestJet 3102 -CYYC Dash8Q400. Please
And Thanks

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Sounds good, your slot has been booked!

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