26MAY21 / 2200Z - Whacky Racing: Old School into Funchal @ LPPS

How Will you know who won?

We won’t… personally I think the satisfaction of comparing it is enough…

I never thought there would be an event in Portugal, I will not miss this :)

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I’m debating whether I should join.

It’s at 11pm for me, I have to get up at 6am for school (I know its ridiculous lol) but its my final week so we aren’t doing anything…

Me too. I’m still thinking whether to join or not…


I am gonna join

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I’ll see you there bro

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Was a nice race 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

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Even though I finally beat @AdamCallow after the C130 race last year. The inverted flying expert still wins for style after those low passes!

Only as my app crashed as we started


Ahhh well that explains where you went. Guess I’ll have to wait until the next race then for it to count

I like to think I won that…if stopping off the end of the runway counts 😬


Great landings !
Mine was kind of bumpy

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Amazing racing 🐉


Woah, that looks awesome.


Wow, that’s cool!

I think you whizzed past me at 600 knots…
No problem, the casual server is to have fun
And take a break away from ATC reports and violations 😂😂

Got to love the good old 717!

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