26MAY21/2115Z Europa League Charters Gdańsk - Manchester

In this event, we will fly a large group of Manchester United fans from Gdańsk to Manchester following the Europa League final.

Flight Leader: @LordZakCreaser

Route and Timings

Arrival ICAO: EGCC
Flt Pln: Copy from ZCreaser
Cruise: FL360 +2500
Pushback: 21:15Z
Flight Time: 2:20
Decent: VNAV only
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Jet2 737-800 / Generic A321


I think you got date mixed up?

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Hi Usman! Great Spot We Have Updated The Date
Many Thanks
Owen COO

OMG I’m so tanked for the football match then I saw this and nearly fell over! You can count me in ✈️… after the game

Nice Flight, I´ll be there

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I wont be there. As I am a LFC fan.

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Am an LFC Fan Also But Don’t Forget Its just a flight
Owen COO

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I’m a Burnley fan mate. Atleast Liverpool win something haha.


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the match isn´t over yet :D I will spawn in now

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Hi Robin,

We can see you!

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Pushback at 21:23Z

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I’ll be in after pens 😬

I am ready to taxi

Go for it.

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cruise speed M 0,79?

M.082 mate

My game crashed some minutes ago, but I departed again and I´m behind you guys

I fell asleep and woke up with multiple violations 😔😣 savage

I feel your pain. You was following me until the final approach until you went off radar about 10 miles away from Manchester

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