26MAY20 / 2230Z Caribbean to the Big City TJSJ-MDW Group Flight [

Southwest Airlines 737-700 Heart One


5:30 P.M. Central


Please spawn into your gate at around 10-15 minutes before departure. I would like everyone to copy my flight plan @ORD777flyer thank you. Have fun everyone.

Hey mate, would you be so kind to change your title a bit? (Add the time)

Here you can read more
Thanks mate


Thanks man yeah someone put it in. Thanks so much!😊

I’ll be happy to join.

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Alright thanks Anthony can I put you at B8

Sure thing that works.

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Alright see you there

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Count me in

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Alright see you there. Anyone can join I will be away for a little bit. Anyone can join

5 minutes until spawn

Everyone get ready

Everyone spawn please

Sooooo do we start pushback? Whats the crs alt? And whats the speed

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Can I still join?

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Never mind, I forgot I got a violation so I’m not grade 3 yet, sorry

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