26MAY20 / 1600z - My 4peat of events and my final Flyout for May @ KLAX

New signups @Speed_bird_50 and @Azure

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New sponsorships

May I please have this one FlightLA205 (UVAL238).

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I’ll take this route please. Thank you 😊

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Can i have Gate 77?

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New signups @RomeoStuff24 @FlightLA205 @Amrlazer

That one is taken. I put u down for a random gate until u pick a new one

Is gate 74 available?

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It has been taken. Though Qantas may have one

I’ll take Gate 73 to Lihue

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Can i gate gate 132

Gate 148|B748|Korean Air|Seoul-Incheon.

Koreanair 9889 Heavy.

New signups

@JornGroen @CaptainAzriq

18 on day one. Let’s keep this going

Ill take 135 to Zurich 773 please. UVAL115

135 B773 Swiss Zurich

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U got it. See oyu there

@United2 Can I have that please and thank you.

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That one is taken sorry

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Can I have this then?

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You may thanks for coming