26MAY20 / 1600z - My 4peat of events and my final Flyout for May @ KLAX

Summary: Let’s fill up the United’s States 2nd busiest airport

Server: Expert

Airport: KLAX

Time: 2020-05-26T16:00:00Z

Number Attending: 68


LAX is America’s second busiest airport after Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson airport. It serves any airline you could think of from Emirates to Sun Country. Let’s fill up LAX if you are lucky you may get a flight from the Tom Bradley terminal. Now to the gates.

Terminal 1 (Southwest)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
09 B738 Southwest St. Louis SWVA
11A B737 Southwest San Jose (CA) @TranX
11B B737 Southwest Kansas City SWVA
13 B738 Southwest Tampa SWVA
15 B737 Southwest Salt Lake City @805_geo
17A B737 Southwest Baltimore @Sky_BoundYT
17B B738 Southwest Nashville @Airforce1095
18B B737 Southwest Dallas-Love SWVA
18A B738 Southwest Chicago-Midway @jack_wheeler21
16 B737 Southwest Austin @HenryVaughn
12A B738 Southwest Baltimore @dereckyared14
Terminal 2 (Aer Lingus, Aeromexico, and Delta)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
23A A359 Aer Lingus Dublin
25 A359 Delta Amsterdam @Stefanpiont
27 B737 Aeromexico Mexico City @Delta07
28 B738 Delta San Diego @Embraer001
26 B712 Delta Las Vegas
24 B712 Delta Albuquerque
24A CRJ7 Delta Boise
22 B772LR Delta Shanghai-Pudong
Terminal 3 (Delta and Westjet)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
38B B788 Delta Tokyo-Haneda
37A A321 Delta Portland
36 B752 Delta Atlanta @michel_avegnon
35 A319 Delta New Orleans
34 B738 Delta Detriot
33B CRJ7 Delta San Diego
33A A321 Delta Honolulu
32 B739 Delta San Jose Del Cabo
31B A321 Delta New York-JFK
31A B737 Westjet Calgary @ILOVE7879-2.0
30 B752 Delta Minneapolis @Delta23
Terminal 4 (American)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
41 B789 American Auckland
43 B773 American London-Heathrow @EpicNYC04
45 CRJ7 American Reno/Tahoe
47A CRJ2 American Seattle-Tacoma
47B B738 American Charlotte
49A CRJ2 American San Francisco
48X B789 American Beijing-Capital
48A A321 American Chicago-O’Hare
46C B752 American Boston @Highlander24
46B A320 American Louisville
46A A321 American Lihue @Pingu
42B B738 American Hartford
42A A320 American Denver @Chucklehead
40 B738 American San Antonio @Infinite_Pro
Terminal 5 (American, Sun Country, Frontier, Hawaiian, and Spirit)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
51A CRJ9 American Houston-Intercontinental
53C B773 American Buenos-Aires
57 A320 American Oklahoma City
59 CRJ7 American Aspen
58 B763 (Sub A321) Hawaiian Kona @Jay_M
56 B738 Sun Country Las Vegas
54B A320 Frontier Denver
54A A320 Frontier Cincinnati
52B A320 Spirit Oakland
52A A320 Spirit Austin
50B A320 Spirit Nashville
50A A320 Spirit Fort Lauderdale
Terminal 6 (Alaska and Air Canada)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
61 A320 Alaska Dallas-Love ASVA
63 B739 Alaska Anchorage ASVA
65A B739 Alaska Seattle-Tacoma @Kzn_Star
65B A320 Alaska Portland @EvanScruggs
67 B738 Alaska Everett ASVA
69A B789 Air Canada Toronto-Pearson @torontoaviator
69B A321 Air Canada Vancouver @charrison
68B C208 Boutique air Merced
64 Q400 Horizon Santa Rosa ASVA
62 A320 Alaska Loreto ASVA
60 B738 Alaska New York-JFK @Pilotcamcam
Terminal 7 (United, Full)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
71A A320 United San Francisco @CaptainLeo1 (UVAL 270)
71B CRJ7 United Boise @Captain_Batten (UVAL 211)
73 B739 United Lihue @Amrlazer (UVAL 297)
75A B739 United Honolulu @Jack_Q (UVAL 122)
75B CRJ2 United St. George (UT) @C_hawk
77 B789 United Melbourne @Restrepo (UVAL 271)
76B B752 United Houston-Intercontinental @United10 (UVAL 127)
76 B772 (Sub B773) United London-Heathrow @texasaviation (UVAL 129)
74 B78X United Newark @Jarrett_Schiedemeyer (UVAL 266)
72B CRJ2 United Palm Springs @Speed_bird_50 (UVAL 314)
72 B772 United Tokyo-Narita @Azure (UVAL 281)
70B B738 United Cleveland @Patrick_Gallagher (UVAL 002)
70A B739 United Orlando @United2 (UVAL 224)
Terminal 8 (United)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
80 CRJ2 United Eureka
81 CRJ7 United Redding
82 CRJ7 United Reno/Tahoe
83 CRJ2 United San Diego
84 CRJ7 United Salt Lake City
85 CRJ2 United Aspen @Samuel727 (UVAL 284)
86A CRJ7 United Bozeman @masterkiwi (UVAL 076)
87 CRJ2 United Jackson Hole @ToasterStroodie
88 CRJ7 United Montrose
East Remote (American)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
05 CRJ9 American Denver
07 CRJ2 American Santa Barbara
08 CRJ2 American Santa Fe
09 CRJ9 American San Francisco
10 CRJ7 American Durango (CO)
11 CRJ7 American Aspen
12 CRJ2 American Santa Rosa
13 C-130J US Helicopter Force Need to know basis @VR-206sqn-RAF
20A A320 Wizz Air (Rescue flight) New York-JFK @Bradgibbs01
Tom Bradley International Terminal (International, Full)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
139 B738 Copa Panama City @Jafet_Zuniga
141 A320 Avianca Bogota @yoshi_flyer (UVAL 313)
135 B773 Swiss Zurich @Eugene_Leybovich (UVAL 115)
133 B789 Norwegian Air Shuttle Madrid @Ayano_Gudy
134 B773 Air France Paris-Charles de Gualle @Zuhair_Al-ajmi
132 B78X KLM Amsterdam @JornGroen
130 A388 Etihad Abu Dhabi @Capitan_Artem
148 B748 Korean Air Seoul-Incheon @CaptainAzriq
150 B748 Lufthansa Frankfurt @L3gom4n
152 B78X El Al Tel Aviv @Zac_Penson
154 A359 Singapore Signapore-Changi @FlightLA205 (UVAL 238)
156 B789 Qantas Brisbane @Apollo_Yuh (UVAL 238)
159 A388 Qatar Doha @lanuccelli
157 B744 Virgin Atlantic Manchester @RomeoStuff24 (UVAL 145)
155 B773 Turkish Istanbul @Speed_bird_50 (UVAL 313)
153 A359 Phillipine Manila @Amrlazer (UVAL 297)
151 A319 Volaris Guadajara @Frequentfliyer

(Remote stands will be added if need be)

Imperial Apron
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
02 B748 Cargolux Luxembourg
04 B748 Cargolux Anchorage @BadPlane
05 B748 Cargolux Milan-Malpensa
06 B77F Air China Cargo Beijing-Capital
07A B77F Emirates Cargo Copenhagen
08A B748 Nipponn Cargo Tokyo-Narita
09 MD11 Lufthansa Cargo Frankfurt
FedEx Cargo Apron
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
01 MD11 FedEx Memphis
02 MD11 FedEx San Francisco @Ritesh321
03 MD11 FedEx Boston
05 B77F FedEx Newark
06 MD11 FedEx Oakland
07 B77F FedEx Miami
09 B77F FedEx Sydney
11 B77F FedEx Portland (OR) @Captain_KTM (UVAL 167)

FBO Atlantic Aviation
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
01 A318BBJ Honolulu (PHNL) @Dylan_T
02 A318BBJ San Francisco @shatti
03 Anything under A321 Pilots Choice
04 Anything under A321 Pilots Choice
05 Anything under A321 Pilots Choice
06 Anything under A321 Pilots Choice
07 Anything under A321 Pilots Choice
08 Anything under A321 Pilots Choice
09 Anything under A321 Pilots Choice
FBO flight support
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
01 CCX KRIL/KFLL @United2 (GAT 224)
02 Anything under A321 Pilots Choice
03 Anything under A321 Pilots Choice
04 Anything under A321 Pilots Choice

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This event is sponsored by my VA United! All flights out of KLAX are receiving a x2 flight time bonus. Join UVAL today here !

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This event is sponsored by another one of my VA’s, Global Airtours pilots in the Gaslamp Program will receive a 1.5x multiplier during this event. All Global Airtours pilots in the Balboa Program will receive a 2x multiplier during this event.

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Please specify gate and terminal when replying for a gate

All above grade 3 can attend. IFATC is likely but there are no promises. I hope to see you there. This is my final event of May as I have hit the limit. I will be holding 4peat of events make sure to check them out.

Stay safe, United2


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IFATC controller on standby

Can I have gate 71A please :)

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Sure thing. See you there

New signups

@CaptainLeo1 @Restrepo

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Can I have Cargo gate 11 Fedex-B77F to Portland, Oregon

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Sure thing. I will see you there

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Will this be United Virtual sponsered?

Can I get the Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt.

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Could I take gate 70B to CLE, UVAL002

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At this current moment no but that is subject to change. :)

May I please!

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I would also like Terminal 7 gate 76 to EGLL please :)

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New signups

@L3gom4n @Patrick_Gallagher @texasaviation @EpicNYC04

Can I have gate 75A to Honolulu?

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You may. See you there

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I’ll Take this one!

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Can I have Gate 156 International Terminal for a flight to EGLL?

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sure thing see u there

ill take it

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I’ll take gate 72 (UVAL281)

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