26MAY20 / 0300Z - Worlds longest commercial flight @ WSSS - KEWR

This is part of my journey flying all of the worlds longest flights I have flown both project sunrise flights and today I want to fly the longest scheduled flight from Singapore to Newark.


  • Aircraft and Livery: Singapore airlines A350

  • Route: copy my flight plan

  • Time of Departure: 2020-05-26T03:00:00Z

  • Server: Training so we can get ATC

@Delta07 @FLIGHT2 @AviationFreak

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Oh I’m sorry about that!

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You guys need atc?

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Yes that would be great!

Ok I can cover WSSS what time do u land in Newark?

I can’t attend the flight, so @CPT_HILD can I take tower and you take ground? Also, what time would you land? I might be able to take approach

I will attend

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It should be about 18 hours after departure

Ok Your in

I do my ATC sessions at 11 so I was planning opening WSSS so if u don’t mind

Oh. That’s fine

@Delta07 can you take departure

Thanks for your corporation @Delta07

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Sure, @CPT_HILD can take tower/ground I’ll take dep.

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Oh dang, I"m sorry I cant tonight things just changed. My bad. But hit me up on the return flight.

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Depending on when you land, I might be able to give you ATC. No promises so far, but looks like I’ll be able to.

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hay, can i be ATC? in singapore? maybe for ground/tower

Sorry we already have ATC but when we land you might be able to

That’s what I said…

oh sure. when will you land? I will see if i can be ATC

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