26MAR22 / 1600Z - March Midway Madness @ KMDW

**Chicago Midway Fly Out **

Based on the IFATC schedule on the 26th of March Chicago’s smaller airport will have ATC for that day. I have always wanted to have a event here for several months because my realtives live on the aproach path to midway and I can see frequent aircraft landing there. Midway has a special place in my heart and I want to share it with you.

Chicago midway serves serval airlines and destinations from sevral ranges. Wether you are looking for a short hop to Omaha a long flight to Cancun Midway has what you need.

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To potentially have this as a live streamed event there will be no gate assiangments however if you want to be realistic in your flight frontier parks in the C terminal (in green) and delta porter and allegiant park in the area circled in blue. Southwest parks everywhere else but those are for the pepole who want to have there flights be real.

Midway is a underated airport in my opinion with its short runways that lead to aircraft carrier style landings

Photos :

I hope you can join this event and feel free to ask any questions you may have

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Title should be formatted like this:

26MAR22 / 1700Z - Chicago Midway Fly-Out @ KMDW


Thanks I need to format better

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Your welcome.


We need some more pepole

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There are already, like, 5 events at that time and pretty much everyone is attending those events. Take a look here:

Event is canceled if no one comes

This looks fun!


Looks a very nice event, I’ll try to come!

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Thanks for interest

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Hopefully it is

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There are several great short routes from Midway to Grand Rapids which is 20 minutes to Omaha which is around one hour

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This is my home airport, I’d like to sign up but I don’t see a sign up spot?


The event is supposed to be this way to potentially support the new rules for IF event livestreams so more pepole can come


Oh ok. I got it thank you.

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We love your event and have added it to our calendar. It’ll be streamed on the 26th!


Yo lets go

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I’d love to join but the event starts at 12am 😭

If I am able to stay up until that time, I’d probably do an extremely short flight

Event is in a week so if anyone else has interest in coming

I can’t go my subscription expires before then I am trying to find a way to