26MAR21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Island Navigation @ Caribbean Airports

It will be, I just forgot to add it in the TFR. I’ll change.

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Thank you Misha! You are the best

This is sad, really…


People, leave your airliner in the garage for a day!


Seems like it is difficult to land at Saint Barths (TFFJ) airport… 3 overruns already HAH


Cool event, might just participate! Sad my Caribbean airport isn’t included though :(

About TKPK… A 777-200ER can fit there, BA sends it not to often from Antigua

Yes, but we can’t exactly have ten 777s arriving there.


but TKPK cant fit that much anyways

You can consider that TKPK is a smaller international airport, they have handled A340’s, A350’s and heck, even 747.

Misha, If you happen to be reading this
free the 777 at TKPK

I agree, I’m simply saying if IF allowed 777 or bigger there, it would be a nightmare for IFATC and for users trying to fly in and out of there.

For this event specifically.

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alright, but only one gate can fit a 777… just saying

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I looked on flight radar and google maps and it said/showed British.

Had acouple of 777 here today, yes they can fit but they take lots of ramp space then it becomes difficult to taxi by everyone else

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These DH8’s are killing us on approach. Flying way too slow.

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Bet that 99% are LIAT

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Okay, this is a joke. These GA aircraft need to learn to move with some enthusiasm! I’ve gone around 4 times because they cannot speed up and exit the runway quick enough. Quit taking your time, there are a line of aircraft behind you trying to get in.

driving me freaking nuts. losing my mind out here…

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I just ended my flight because I’ve been sequenced 4-5 times with multiple go-arounds. Not any of the controllers faults, it’s pilots not being aware of surroundings and being considerate of other pilots.

Had a DH8 doing like 100kts like 10nm out from the airport and then a TBM land and casually strolling down the runway doing 15kts while I’m on short and final.

maddening to say the least.

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The Dash 8 should descend on short final at about 115 kts with flaps 15, and flare is around 105 kts…

I often find I’m vectored in on a massively long final for a Dash 8, so I tend to use 1 stage of flaps and try to keep moving at about 140 kts until 1500 ft or so.

Ideally I wish the Dash 8 could be cut in on a shorter final instead of joining with the jets further out

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