26MAR21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Island Navigation @ Caribbean Airports

What are the TFR restrictions to each airport? Would be interesting to know for an overnight flight 😅

I’m just guessing the aircraft that can take airport of its size?

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Please let me know if I am not allowed to share this, but I have been creating graphics for the FNF for my virtual airline for quite some time now, and I thought why not share the one I did today:


Super cool!


Thank you very much!

Will MDPC be open… for international flights?

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Probably, TNCM isnt included in this airport list and TIST and TKPK Are international airports, but are very small

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I have not played IF for a long time now, I think I will play this FNF because it looks quite good

Very cool FNF Misha! I like GA!

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I was flying low pass on runway until the traffic ahead of me gets off from the runway LOL. Good thing is the runway is 12000ft long

We bout to see lots of clowns at St. Barths and Saba 😂🙏🏻

Ughhh another boring GA event. No JFK no ORD if I wanna fly a Cessna I’ll go do it IRL

You could always fly to or from these two airports. TIST and TKPK allow aircraft up to the size of a 767/A321.

There was also Chicago in the schedule fairly recently ;)

When was Chicago featured. Was it MDW I don’t remember the last time OHARE was featured.

It was last seen on March 6th (during ATC Choice), and before that was February 4th.

Last time it was featured was a couple of days after it had been completely reworked so was quite cool to see it in its new shape so soon.

It’s very cool

Oh, this will be a good one! Hope I get to fly tomorrow!

About time you show the Caribbean and GA some love!!

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Yay am so exited bc I am from Jamaica and grew up spotting at MJKS

It might be boring to you, but to others this is a great and fun event.

Not everything in aviation revolves around Hubs like this, there are thousands upon thousands of airports that are unique in their own ways, and this event is doing that.


Hi, can someone explain me, why on TUPJ an CRJ-200 is allowed, and the TBM 930 not!

This makes no sens for me!

Thanks for Input