26L at EGKK Triggering IFAssistant RAAS “SHORT RWY” Alert Unnecessarily

Hi guys,

So this is a problem I’ve had for ages now. Whenever I fly into Gatwick, I always get an erroneous “short runway, short runway” RAAS alert. The runway is over 10,000ft long and I have the minimum in IFA for both T/O and LDG set to just 4,000ft. This only happens at EGKK. I haven’t tried approaching from the 08R end yet, so not sure if it does it there too. Does anyone know what might be happening and what I could do?

Hello! To my understanding this is not an error on Infinite Flight’s side by rather a third-part issue. The IFAssistant remains broken when attempting to use on Infinite Flight the last time I checked. I recommend contacting the company of the error as I am sure they are currently attempting to fix the current incompatibility.


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