26JUN21 / 1800Z - Air Tahiti Nui Virtual Presents: The Great Polynesia Flyout @ NTAA & NTTB

Welcome to Air Tahiti Nui’s 2nd ever IFC event! To show off the stunning French Polynesia, we’ll take you on a journey from Papeete or Bora Bora to one of the other smaller beautiful Polynesian islands! Flying around this unique and unexplored part of the world is different from anywhere else in the world. You will find hidden airports and stunning coastlines! What’s not to love!

Server: Expert Server

Airports: Pape’ete (NTAA) and Bora Bora (NTTB)

Time: 1800Z 2021-06-26T18:00:00Z


Pape’ete (NTAA)


Gate Aircraft (Livery) Destination Pilot
Gate 0 B789 (Air Tahiti Nui) Auckland (NZAA) @SB110
Gate 1 B789 (Air Tahiti Nui) Los Angeles (KLAX) @AIDAN101
Gate 2 B789 (Air Tahiti Nui) Los Angeles (KLAX) @Jukker
Gate 3 B789 (Air Tahiti Nui) Vancouver (CYVR) @corgi_doodle_YT
Remote Stand 5A C208 Bora Bora (NTTB) @Ben_C
Remote Stand 5B C208 (Generic) Nuku Hiva (NTMD) @Alexian61
Remote Stand 5C C208 (Generic) Moorea (NTTM) @Errigal
Remote Stand 4A Q400 (Generic) Hiva Oa (NTMN)
Remote Stand 4B Q400 (Generic) Nuku Hiva (NTMD)
Apron Golf 1 C208 (Generic) Huahine-Iti (NTTH)
Apron Golf 2 C208 (Generic) Raiatea (NTTR)
Apron Golf 3 C208 (Generic) Teti’aroa (NTTE)

Bora Bora (NTTB)

Source: See photo

Gate Aircraft (Livery) Destination Pilot
Stand A1 C208 (Generic) Nuku Hiva (NTMD)
Stand B1 C208 (Generic) Papeete (NTAA) @WRL_Kubica
Stand C1 C208 (Generic) Maupiti (NTTP)

More stands will be added if needed


  • If you are flying to Bora Bora from Papeete or Papeete to Bira Bora, please be cautious of traffic flying vice versa and amend flight plans as needed.
  • Spawn in at least 15 minutes before event start.
  • In the event of ATC being present at any airports included in the event, please be respectful towards ATC.
  • Please be respectful to other pilots during the event and fly in a mature manner.

About TNVA

Air Tahiti Nui is a virtual airline that flies all arounf the Pacific and beyond! We operate regional Air Tahiti flights around the Polynesia and are continuously growing! We have one of the biggest Pacific route networks with over 50 routes and expanding to have 100+!

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Our thread: Air Tahiti Nui Virtual | Connecting Tahiti To The World! | Official 2021 Thread

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I’ll have this

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You’re all signed up! See you there!

Can I please have this flight? Thank you!

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Thanks for signing up! See you there!

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Hi, I‘d like to do this one :)

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It’s all yours!

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Sure thing! See you there!

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Sure thing! See you there!

I’ll join with the flight to Maupiti from Bora Bora!

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I’ll take a gate to NZAA please!


Enjoy your flight!

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I know this spot isn’t listed, but mind if I have Hangar 2 at NTAA?

Where would you be planning on flying?

You’ve been signed up!

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5 more gates have been added to Pape’ete Int’l

Enjoy the flights in the Cessna 208 and Q400!