26JUN21 / 1200Z to 2000Z - Malaysia Airlines Virtual Presents: 1 Year Anniversary Fly-Out @ WMKK

Can i change my aircraft from a 737-700BBJ To a TNT 777F?

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Ok I will take it

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@Lotus @JeTaW @YupYP @Seniorfirstofficer @Wesley_Fry

You’re all signed up! Thanks for coming. See you there!

@MichaelMetaxas We have slotted you in for Wave 2. See you there!


Hi I was wondering if i could change my slot to one of the vacant gates to London for the VAs in wave 3 for Dubai Virtual :)

My previous slot was in wave 1.

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@Shan_nnel I Philippine Airlines Virtual I VA | WMKK - RPLL | Wave 2

Requesting Gate C31 if available :)

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@Jxshua You have been added to Wave 3. See you there!

@Shan_nnel Welcome to the community! You’re signed up in Terminal 1 - Pier B. See you there!

I am very sorry. I only saw the reply just now and ended up using C31.I’ll make sure to check next time.
And thank you for welcoming me, I truly appreciate it:)

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See you guys soon ❤️

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Hello again! I actually meant Kuching and accidentally said Kunming and also I overslept. Also, I just saw the reply just now. I’m soo sorry for all this mixup but thank you very much for responding and for signing me up

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Can I have this gate with the 777W to WSSS

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hey can i have this gate to OMDB, MH 772

Ritesh321 | Malaysia Airlines Virtual | VA | WMKK-OMDB-LTFM | Wave 3

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Welcome to the IFC @Shan_nnel

Just landed, nice flying with some of you! Thanks for the event!
In behalf of PRVA, congratulations to your 1st year!


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Thank you very much! I managed to land at Manila 30 minutes early. Congrats to Malaysia Airlines Virtual on the 1st year anniversary! It was my pleasure participating in this wonderful event.

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@alikalbk @Ritesh321

You’re both signed up! Thank you for coming. See you there!

@MichaelMetaxas No worries. Thank you for the interest and we hope to see you in a future event!

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AFKLM Spawned in and ready to depart soon… :-)


Thanks for the lovely Fly-Out @MalaysiaAirlinesVA and congratulations on completing 1 year :)


I’ll definitely be at one of your next events 🙂

A Big Thank You!

It’s been a great year!

Malaysia Airlines Virtual would like to take this opportunity to thank all pilots who attended the event for joining. Today, we saw over 70 pilots from VAs all around the world as well as IFC members joining the event. Your participation, has definitely encouraged us to go further. This event would not have been possible without you!

Of course, this is not the end. We will be looking to host more IFC events soon when we can. We also have internal events almost daily, so if you’re looking to join fun and fulfilling events, you’ve come to the right place. Our members are always happy to welcome you to our family! ;)

Want to join? Check out our thread below:

Our website is undergoing maintenance at the moment. Send us a PM if you’re interested in joining and we’ll send you a link when our website is ready for operations again.

Thank you once again for coming, and see you in the skies! 👋

Chief Executive Officer
Malaysia Airlines Virtual



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