26JUN20 / 1900z - 1st Ever Querétaro Flyout! @MMQT

The 1st ever Querétaro Intercontinental Airport Flyout!
Hosted by @C_hawk

A few days ago, I hosted the 2nd ever flyout from Kansas City (12JUN20 / 1900Z - 2nd Ever Kansas City Flyout! @KMCI), and after departure @PilotChrisSG suggested MMQT for my next flyout, so here we are.

I know significantly less about Querétaro than I did about Kansas City so instead I will give Wikipedia the responsibility of informing everyone about the airport: Querétaro Intercontinental Airport - Wikipedia
Server: Expert

Airport: MMQT

Time: 2020-06-26T19:00:00Z or 2020-06-26T19:30:00Z [TBD]

Gate Assignments

Passenger Terminal
Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
01 Mexico City [MMMX] AeroMexico 737-700
02 Dallas/Fort Worth [KDFW] American Eagle CRJ-200
03 Houston [KIAH] United Express CRJ-700 @PilotChrisSG
04 Cancún [MMUN] VivaAerobús a320
05 Chicago [KORD] Volaris a319
Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
01C Memphis [KMEM] Fedex 777-200F
02C Cincinnati [KCVG] DHL 757-200F
03C Guadalajara [MMGL] DHL 757-200F
04C Louisville [KSDF] UPS 757-200F
01E New York [KJFK] Fedex MD-11F
02E Orlando [KMCO] UPS a330-200F
03E Miami [KMIA] American 777-200ER @Infinite_Pro
FBO Stands
Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
01 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice
02 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice
03 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice
04 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice
05 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice
06 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice
07 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice
08 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice

Request a Gate:
If you highlight the gate you would like, the website should give you the option to quote it, click that and then post a reply with something like “I’ll take this one please” or “I’d like this gate” and I’ll mark you down for it. If it won’t let you quote it, just put in the gate and all the details into your reply and I’ll mark you down. If you want an FBO gate, please let me know the plane you will be flying and the destination or if you will be doing pattern work.

Please follow any livery notations applicable to your aircraft.

Other Details:
Load in 10 to 20 minutes early at your assigned gate, and have a flight plan ready to go.
If IFATC is present follow all instructions, otherwise respect unicom and other pilots.
I will send out more details in the days leading up to the event.

Hope to see you all there!



I won’t be able to attend but I’ll try to attend either way, Can I get 03 please?

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I’d love to attend but I could just if it started 30 minutes later… :(

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30 minutes earlier or later?

Here are some more cargo routes. <3

Cargo C

Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
01E New York (KJFK) Fedex MD11F
02E Orlando (KMCO) UPS A330-200F
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Yeah sure, let me know if you for sure know you won’t be attending so I can open the slot back up

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Sign Up #1

Gate 03: MMQT-KIAH onboard the CRJ-700

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Awesome! Are you looking to fly either of these?

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I might be able to make it.

If you can put me on a American 777-200ER on Cargo Gate 03E (Reconfigured Plane To Transport Cargo) To KMIA that would be great!

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Alright sounds good

Sign Up #2

Gate 03E: MMQT-KMIA onboard the American 777-200ER

Later… :/

@Infinite_Pro @PilotChrisSG would 1930z work for you guys? I’m considering pushing the event back just a bit.


Im still not sure If I can make it, But 2020-06-26T19:30:00Z Works

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To all of you who have expressed interest in this event I appreciate that. As of right now it is likely this event will be canceled because there is not enough interest, I hope to see you all at the next event I host.

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