26JUN20 / 1500Z - Biggest fly out in Europe 3 in 1 @ EGLL & EHAM & EGAA

If you want I can add that on any flight

Yeah I want it … thank you 🌹

And If there is no gate available to add EGNT …
No objection, I will choose any other gate 😌

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hello, a fellow sva member here

sign me up! |A359|Singapore Airlines|242|WSSS

EGLL as departure airport.

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Nice event but you spelled EasyJet as “Easy Jet”

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You can choose a gate

Alright I will put your name on the list

It was easy to do that would you like a gate?

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When is the event? It shows both June 13th and June 15th on my screen.

Looks like a mistake it’s on the 15 I will fix it now

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There is a mistake in the title it should be 13 I will fix it

There we go it’s fixed

Okay I choose gate 403

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The flight in gate 403 so to OERK

Yes that’s right

Alright your name is down on the list

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Thank you 🌹

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Well imao a fly out should emulate realism so only real routes flew IRL should be added imao

Many of the routes are irl

Just a couple that are not