26Jul21 / 1600Z - UALs Hub to Hub @KIAH

Summary: flight will be UAL hub to hub flight starting at IAH and ending at IAH its gonna be a long journey

Server: Expert

Airport: KIAH

Time: starts between 14:00Z-16:00Z

Message: if there is IFATC I ask that you try and keep procedures close to the IRL procedures. This flight is gonna be fun but supper stressful and a good chance it won’t be completed at all. I will also be operating 5 aircraft at once. The best way to Identify my aircraft is the callsign will have flight of 5 at the end. I will keep my aircraft equally distant from each other this way I can maximize my efficiency at following IFATC instruction. My aircraft will be the United 737-900, 737-800 OG, 737-800 NW, 737-700, A320. For anyone that wants to join me please try not to use the United A350, 777-300ER and 787-10. It is extremely unrealistic because the United 787-10s and 777-300ERs only operate at special Hubs like LAX EWR SFO ORD. ORD is temporary tho because it operates covid flights still to NRT with the 4 number callsigns. It is also unrealistic to operate the United A350 because it does not exist yet. It will be like Deltas order for the 787s

Event starts in 15 minutes

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