26JUL20 / 1800Z - CPT_HILD's East Coast Flyout Series (Part 3) @KEWR

Greetings Everyone



Class: Bravo
Airport Elevation: 17’

Runway Dimensions
4L/22R 11,000’ x 150’
4R/22L 10,000’ x 150’
11/29 6,726’ x 150’


Newark offers a vast amount of flights all around the world! No one should have a problem picking a flight that they would enjoy. Newark isn’t the most loved airport here in the US but isn’t to far from NYC.


Server: Expert

NOTAMS: Please use common sense do not push back when the person next to you is. Follow all standard customs, as this is the Expert Server. If ATC is not present please be respectful to other pilots. I will create a group message a few days before the event so we can sort out the final details ( Active Runway, Departure Procedures, etc.)


When requesting a gate please request in the following format: Gate, Aircraft, Destination.

Terminal A
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Flight Time Attendee
A10 Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ) CRJ-200 1:16 @BritishAirways001
A11 JetBlue Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) A320-200 2:42 @CaptainZac
A12 JetBlue Los Angeles (KLAX) A321-200 5:44 @Pingu
A13 JetBlue Boston (KBOS) E190 0:45
A14 JetBlue Santo Domingo (MDSD) A320-200 3:54 @Lufthansa2
A15 JetBlue Jacksonville (KJAX) E190 2:20
A16A JetBlue San Juan (TJSJ) A320-200 3:19
A16B JetBlue Las Vegas (KLAS) A320-200 5:20 @Zach007
A17 JetBlue Fort Myers (KRSW) A320-200 2:40
A18 Air Canada Vancouver (CYVR) 787-9 5:39 @Campusgod
A20 United Express Norfolk (KORF) CRJ-200 1:00
A21 United Express Cleveland (KCLE) E170 1:20
A22 United Express Washington Reagan (KDCA) CRJ-200 0:45
A23 United Express Portland (KPWM) CRJ-200 1:23
A24 United Express Indianapolis (KIND) CRJ-200 1:41
A25 United Express Richmond (KRIC) CRJ-200 0:50 @anon74260613
A26 United Express Ottawa (CYOW) CRJ-200 1:10 @Alexian61
A27 United Express Syracuse (KSYR) CRJ-700 0:42
A28 United Express Buffalo (KBUF) CRJ-200 0:51
A30 Alaska Portland (KPDX) 737-900 5:06
A31 Alaska Los Angeles (KLAX) 737-900 5:44 @Casey_Nguyen
A32 Alaska San Francisco (KSFO) 737-900 6:12
A33 Alaska Seattle (KSEA) 737-900 5:47
A34 American Miami (KMIA) 737-800 2:45 @Mazyad
A35 American Dallas (KDFW) 737-800 3:48
A36 American Charlotte (KCLT) A321-200 1:53
A37 American Chicago (KORD) 737-800 2:01 @cooperdjones
A38 American Phoenix (KPHX) A321-200 4:51
A39 American Miami (KMIA) 737-800 2:45 @Furwani

Terminal B
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Flight Time Attendee
B40 Spirit New Orleans (KMSY) A320-200 2:47 @Daniel_Christensen
B41A Spirit Nashville (KBNA) A320-200 1:56
B41B Delta Connection Minneapolis (KMSP) CRJ-900 2:45
B42 Delta Salt Lake City (KSLC) 737-800 4:34
B43 Delta Atlanta (KATL) 737-900 2:20 @DeltaCs100
B44 Delta Connection Detroit (KDTW) CRJ-900 1:50
B45 Delta Connection Cincinnati (KCVG) CRJ-700 1:34
B46A Delta Boston (KBOS) E-170 0:45
B46B Delta Connection Raleigh-Durham (KRDU) CRJ-700 1:40
B47 Porter Toronto (CYTZ) Dash 8 Q400 1:10 @Zach007
B51 Spirit Las Vegas (KLAS) A320-200 5:20
B52 Austrian Vienna (LOWW) 777-200ER 8:30 @anon45500775
B53 Air India Mumbai (VABB) 777-200LR 14:55
B54 Lufthansa Munich (EDDM) A350-900 7:35 @Pilot_Waters
B55 Singapore Airlines Singapore (WSSS) A350-900 17:52
B56 El Al Tel Aviv (LLBG) 787-10 10:25 @Aymane_Belkadi
B57 Swiss Zurich (LSZH A330-300 7:45 @Shaeden_Talo
B60 Emirates Athens (LGAV) 777-300ER 9:15 @Deacon_Williams
B61 Emirates Dubai (OMDB) 777-300ER 14:17 @Ibrahim_Asif
B62 Ethiopian Lome (DXXX) 787-8 10:20
B63 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong (VHHH) A350-900 15:25
B65 SAS Oslo (ENGM) A330-300 7:20 @charrison
B66 Air China Beijing (ZBAA) 787-9 14:11
B67 Allegiant Destin Fort Walton Beach (KVPS) A320-200 2:45
B68A Icelandair Keflavik (BIKF) 757-200 5:45 @aksh_Iyer

Terminal C
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Flight Time Attendee
C70 United Atlanta (KATL) E170 2:20
C71 United Denver (KDEN) 737-900 4:10 @Bryan
C72 United Raleigh-Durham (KRDU) 737-700 1:40 @KSS
C73 United Oranjestad (TNCA) 737-900 4:25 @CPT_HILD
C74 United Los Angeles (KLAX) 757-200 5:44
C75 United Chicago (KORD) 737-900 2:01 @ORD777flyer
C80 United Houston (KIAH) 777-200ER 3:35 @Udeme_Ekpo
C81 United Havana (MUHA) E170 2:41
C82 United Nassau (MYNN) A320-200 2:30 @NathanD
C83 United Pittsburgh (KPIT) E170 1:15
C84 United Phoenix (KPHX) 737-900 4:49
C85 United Nashville (KBNA) A320-200 2:30
C86 United Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) 737-800 2:57 @Bobby_Burg
C87 United Las Vegas (KLAS) 737-900 5:30
C88 United Boston (KBOS) 737-800 0:45 @MJP_27
C90W United San Juan (TJSJ) 767-300 3:19
C92 United Orlando (KMCO) 757-200 2:45
C94 United Mexico City (MMMX) 737-700 5:15
C95 United Tampa (KTPA) 737-800 2:50 @Rhys_V
C96 United San Francisco (KSFO) 757-200 6:10 @nolan_brant12
C97 United Atlanta (KATL) 737-900 1:51
C98 United Austin (KAUS) A320-200 3:50
C99 United Charleston (KCHS) A320-200 2:03
C101 United New Orleans (KMSY) A320-200 2:47
C102W United Shanghai (ZSPD) 777-200ER 14:55 @Jake_Ferrer
C103 United Key West (KEYW) E170 2:26
C104 United Fort Myers (KRSW) 737-800 3:00
C105 United Bermuda (TXKF) 737-700 1:42 @Lil_Seedy_Boi
C107 United Savannah (KSAV) 737-700 2:16
C108W United Tokyo Narita (RJAA) 777-200ER 13:30
C110W United Honolulu (PHNL) 767-300 10:53
C111W United London Heathrow (EGLL) 787-10 6:10 @Austrian001
C112W United Zurich (LSZH) 787-10 7:45 @CPT_Bambi
C113 United San Diego (KSAN) 737-900 5:23
C114 United Kansas City (KMCI) E170 3:08
C115 United West Palm Beach (KPBI) A320-200 2:49 @Z-Tube
C120W United Milan (LIMC 767-300 8:00
C122W United Paris-Charles de Gaulle (LFPG 787-10 7:10 @cptlogue
C123W United Dublin (EIDW) 787-10 5:25 @CPT_Bambi
C124 United Santa Ana-Orange County (KSNA) 737-700 5:50 @Evan_Vlogs
C125W United Frankfurt (EDDF) 787-10 7:40 @Captain-787
C126W United Charlotte (KCLT) 737-700 1:55
C127 United Lima (SPJC) 757-200 7:46
C128W United Amsterdam (EHAM) 767-300 7:00
C130 United Omaha (KOMA) E170 2:44
C131 United Washington Dulles (KIAD) 737-700 0:47 @Andrew_Coward
C132W United Geneva (LSGG) 767-300 7:50
C133 United Aguadilla (TJBQ) 737-900 3:17 @Pingu
C134W United Hong Kong (VHHH) 777-200ER 15:25 @Raquis
C135W United Munich (EDDM) 767-300 7:35
C136 United Miami (KMIA) 737-800 3:05
C137 United Dallas (KDFW) A320-200 3:45
C138 United Minneapolis (KMSP) E170 3:00
C139 United St. Thomas (TIST) 757-200 3:47
C130W United Express Albany (KALB) CRJ-200 1:05
C130X United Express Bangor (KBGR) CRJ-200 1:35
C130Y United Express Louisville (KSDF) CRJ-200 1:43
C130Z United Express Madison (KMSN) CRJ-200 2:25

FedEx Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Flight Time Attendee
FedEx Stand 1 FedEx Atlanta (KATL) MD-11F 2:20
FedEx Stand 2 FedEx Boston (KBOS) MD-11F 0:45 @apricotwarrior
FedEx Stand 3 FedEx Chicago (KORD) MD-10F 2:30
FedEx Stand 4 FedEx Greensboro (KGSO) MD-11F 1:36 @Brody_Swiatek
FedEx Stand 5 FedEx Memphis (KMEM) MD-11F 2:58 @Bryan
FedEx Stand 6 FedEx Paris-Charles de Gaulle (LFPG) 777-200F 7:10
FedEx Stand 7 FedEx Washington Dulles (KIAD) MD-10F 0:47
FedEx Stand 8 FedEx Los Angeles (KLAX) MD-11F 5:44
FedEx Stand 10 FedEx Pittsburgh (KPIT) MD-10F 1:15
FedEx Stand 11 FedEx London Stansted (EGSS) 777-200F 6:30
FedEx Stand 12 FedEx Memphis (KMEM) MD-11F 2:58 @Max_R.0
FedEx Stand 13 FedEx Indianapolis (KIND) MD-11F 2:00
FedEx Stand 31 FedEx Detroit (KDTW) MD-10F 1:50
FedEx Stand 33 FedEx Allentown (KABE) MD-11F 0:38
FedEx Stand 34 FedEx Manchester (KMHT) MD-11F 0:50
FedEx Stand 35 FedEx San Juan (TJSJ) MD-11F 3:19 @Jason_M
FedEx Stand 40 FedEx Ontario (KONT) MD-11F 5:28

UPS Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Flight Time Attendee
UPS Stand 1 UPS Ontario (KONT) MD-11F 5:28
UPS Stand 3 UPS Chicago Rockford (KRFD) MD-11F 2:45
UPS Stand 5 UPS Cleveland (KCLE) MD-11F 1:20
UPS Stand 7 UPS Louisville (KSDF) MD-11F 1:43
UPS Stand 9 UPS Louisville (KSDF) MD-11F 1:43

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Well that’s everything. I couldn’t provide every route but if you have one that I didn’t put in or you want an aircraft change we’ll try to work something out! If you have any questions feel free to contact @CPT_HILD. And most importantly HAVE FUN!


yesyesyes NEWARK! :D I’ll get back to you on a gate soon.


Finally!!! My favorite airport!!

I’ll take Gate C115 to West Palm Beach in the A320! I fly this route all the time (in both real life and Infinite Flight)!


@Z-Tube you’ve been signed up! See you there!

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Can I get C72, 737-700 to KRDU

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@KSS you’ve been signed up! See you there!

Can o have JetBlue to FLL

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@CaptainZac you’ve been signed up! See you there!

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Let’s get some sign ups this event is dead

I’ll take this gate please!

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@MJP_27 you’ve been signed up see you there!

I will take this gate! I’m UVAL366

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I’ll take B40 with spirit down to KMSY NKVA042

i will take C131 please

Would it at all be possible to switch this from Tokyo Narita to Tokyo Haneda? It’s a real route that United was supposed to be flying now but got pushed back to August because of the pandemic, and it will use the 777-200ER.

If you don’t want to switch it, it’s totally fine, there’s some other gates I’m interested in :)

I’d like to have this gate

@cptlogue, @Daniel_Christensen, @NYFLFlyer22, @Andrew_Coward, and @Raquis you’ve all been signed up! See you there!


@NYFLFlyer22 I kindly ask that you fly to Narita as this is the current flight. I appreciate your corporation.

I know this is not on there but in real life Austrian Airlines flies with the 767-300 in KEWR to LOWW. Can you add that?

Hello I’m a happy to give you that flight! Later I’ll make all of the necessary changes. Thanks!

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