26JUL20 / 1700Z - SBBR Flyout @ SBBR

Hello and welcome to myself and @Infinite_Flight_Bra1 Brasilia flyout event. Departure runway will be determined around the day of departure. Brasília International Airport Is the airport for the Capital City or brasil. The airport recently underwent massive construction and renovation projects that added an additional 19 gates and 2 new terminal sections. Brasília International Airport had 16•7 million passengers pass through it in 2019 and had 143,772 aircraft movements.

Brasilia Terminal:

Server: Expert server

Airport: SBBR Brasília – Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport

Time: July 26, 2020 5:00 PM


Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Note
01 Tel Aviv(LLBG) El Al B787-10 @Rodrigo_Vieira
02 Buenos Aires(SAEZ) Latam A320
03 Dubai(OMDB) Varig B777-200 @FlyCymru101
04 Santiago(SCEL) TAM A319
05 Miami(KMIA) Gol B737-800 Refuel stop at Punta Cana @Infinite_Flight_Bra1
06 Orlando(KMCO) Gol B737-800 Stop for refuelling in Punta Cana(MDPC)
07 London(EGLL) Latam/TAM A350-900
08 New York(KJFK) American Airlines B787-9 @IF_Josh
09 Paris(LFPG) Gol B737-700
10 Panama City(MPTO) Copa Airlines B737-800
19 Doha(OTHH) Qatar B777-200LR or A350-900
20 Lisbon(LPPT) TAM B777-300
21 Bogotá (SKBO) Avianca A320
25 Miami(KMIA) American Airlines 757-200 @Cole_Papenhausen
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Note
11 São Paulo(SBSP) Avianca A318
12 Campinas(SBKP) Azul E190
13 Recife(SBRF) Azul A320
14 Belo Horizonte(SBCF) Azul E190 @Captain-787
15 Rio de Janeiro(SBRJ) Latam A319 @IF.BRASILIA
16 São Paulo(SBGR) Generic A321
17 Rio de Janeiro(SBGL) Avianca A320
18 Curitiba(SBCT) Latam A320
22 Fortaleza(SBFZ) Gol B737-800 @Lucas_top
23 Salvador(SBSV) Gol B737-700
24 Manaus(SBEG) Gol B737-800 @Sw_A350
R43 Rio Tom Jobim(SBGL) Gol B737-800 @Gabriel_Gava
R44 Santos Dumont-Rio(SBRJ) Azul A320 @captainJONES
Cargo Gates

52A-Luxembourg(ELLX) 747-8 Cargolux

54-Memphis(KMEM) MD11F Fedex
55-Dakar(GOBD) Lufthansa Cargo MD11F

Reply to this feed to get a gate, all gates are first come first served. I hope you enjoy 😊


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26JUL20 / 1700Z - SBBR Flyout @ SBBR

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@G-OJON I’ll still have to pass the domestic flights

Of course @MJP_27

I will fly,

Which flight would you like? @IF.Russian

i will fly too

I will take the gate to KJFK

Okay I will set it now

i was flying the KJFK route

It’s taken already

He can have the jfk route and I can do Miami

Okay thanks!

No problem

can i use the 772 instead of the 757 i hate it

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It won’t fit at the gate but you can try a different plane?

is it 8 hours to JFK