26JUL20 / 0600Z - Virgin Atlantic to Jo’Burg @ EGLL

Please join me on this group flight from London’s Heathrow international airport to Johannesburg’s OR Tambo international in South Africa. OR Tambo international is the main airport for the Johannesburg area, and is located in the Gauteng province of South African. It is Africa’s largest airport with a capacity of up to 28 million passengers anually. In 2017, it served 21 million passengers.The airport is located in the Kempton Park suburb of Jo’Burg. It serves as a hub for South African airways. Here’s the Wikipedia link if ya want to know more: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/O._R._Tambo_International_Airport

Source: Wikipedia

Aircraft: Virgin Atlantic 787-9
Terminal: T3
Runway: If the winds hold, we will depart runway 27R Heathrow, land runway 21R in Johannesburg
Server: Expert
Available Gates:

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If more than 6people say this time does not work for them, I am willing to move the time back a bit to accommodate all who wish to participate.

Please reply with your name and the gate you would like. If you have any questions shoot me a PM, or leave a reply on this topic. However, I’m probably going to reply to a pm before a comment🙃. Please remember that admissions will close one hour before departure. Any requests after 05:00 Zulu on the date of departure will not be accepted. I look forward to seeing you there.

This is the first event I’ve ever created please go easy on me

Great event, but you have to use the correct title. Here you can see what it should look like :)

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Great. Sorry I missed that

@Jan_W did you want to join?

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Been thinking about a long haul. Sorry, to late into the ,orning this kne

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What time would it be for you?

Sorry, but the time and the day is inappropriate for me. Another time but very happy :)

Alright. I get time isn’t always easy

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The time is way too early for me. Sorry.