26JAN23 / 0900Z - Fly Over The Sea @LPHR/LPPI to GCXO

Hello, and welcome to my event.
For this event, we will fly from Azores Islands to La Laguna, with very beautiful sea views on the way, and we will cruise at a lower altitude than the standard cruising altitude to better enjoy the views!

This is a general aviation event, no jets please, thank you.

  • Server: Expert Server
    Make sure that you are a G3 (or up) pilot!

  • Time: 2023-01-26T09:00:00Z2023-01-26T12:15:00Z

  • Route:
    For this event we will use both departure airports and share one arrival airport in order to maximize the number of attendees.

  • Expected Flight Time: 3h16min

  • Aircraft/Livery in use:
    Aircraft: TBM-930
    Livery: Sea Blue Recommanded

  • Please notice that this time we will unify the aircraft model

More details will be announced on JAN 26th.

Please double check your asigned airport to avoid entering the wrong airport.


Gate Pilot
GA Stand 01 @Simon_Guo1
GA Stand 02 @JL.Dominic
GA Stand 03 @zcy
Gate 01 @ces9943
Gate 02 @SteveAirched
Gate 03 @Piggywu
Start Location N/A


This airport is CZVG reserved.

Gate Pilot
A1 @Yang-le-duo
A2 @JiaMingL
A3 @Jason.love
A4 @PSTweeee
A5 N/A

We use 2 ways to sign up.

The first and the most recommended:

If you are a member of CZVG, please sign up in the CZVG official discord server!
Click the button above and you will be auto redirected to the form.

After signing up, I will plan you a gate ASAP if you fill the IFC name in correctly.

If you filled the IFC name wrong with a oops, It’s ok, do not sign up again. What you need to do, is to PM me via IFC.

The second way is to reply this thread, simple way.

ATC is no need in this event.

Special thanks

to @Yang-le-duo and @PSTweeee for route preparing!

Thread prepared by @Simon_Guo1

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TBM-930? interesting, it’s rare to see in community events🤔anyways I’m in!

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Welcome aboard!

6 pilots, let’s see if we can get 10


Notam&Flight Detail will be published tomorrow, have nice sleep!

As of today, I recieved 10 sign-ups.
So, here are the flight informations.


Subject Data
Planned Departure Runway 10
Flight Level 29,000
Plan Distance 933 NM
Flight Time 3:08
Block Fuel 761 kgs
Climb Profile 170/40
Passenger Count 5
Cargo Weight 132 kgs

ST-MON is the leader plane.


Subject Data
Planned Departure Runway 27
Flight Level 29,000
Plan Distance 941 NM
Flight Time 3:10
Block Fuel 781 kgs
Climb Profile 170/40
Passenger Count 5
Cargo Weight 112 kgs

PS-TBM is the leader plane.


  • No ATC expected, but if someone takes it, please follow the instructions!

  • Follow the leader plane

  • Event starts at 0900Z, so please, spawn at your parking bay at or before 0850Z, we are going to take off one by one starting at 0855Z.

  • Please do not back taxi to the Runway until the pilot on the RWY has take-offed.

  • Please park at the apron or GA gate at GCXO. (I recommend you park beside me)

  • Make sure the leader plane is the first one to take off at your airport.

  • Enjoy your flight, I will update this thread when I think some point is missing, please go back and check if there’s some NOTAM that has a little star in front of it before you take off, and, please forgive my bad English.

Thanks for choosing my event, see you up in the sky!

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FPLs are ready!
Copy them from ST-MON or PS-TBM!

Cruising Speed Change!


Thanks for comming by everyone!
See you in my next IFC EVENT, on Feb24th.

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