26JAN22 / 1600Z - Area 51 Fun @ KLSV to KXTA

  • Aircraft and Livery:A-10 any livery
    DC-10F USAF livery


  • Time of Departure:1600Z

  • Server:Expert

  • Additional Information:
    Join me for some fun in the Hog we will fly between Nellis and area 51 before heading back to Nellis expected flight time of Just over 30 minutes we will do fun maneuvers over area 51 including touching goes and formation flying also if you want we may practice aerial refueling

This definitely looks fun

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I will be parked at row 17/1 Strike AMU

I’d join you but I stay far away from Area 51 hahaha

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Ok but we fly to KXTA

I saw that, that’s why I commented what I did. Shoot if you are ever down we should to KSLV to KMER,one day

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I hope to see everyone in 15 minutes

5 minutes till departure

I am taxing @Dr3ambigg3r are you going to join

Currently in a flight I’m sorry and I don’t fly to area 51. I love my life to much haha


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