26JAN22 / 0300Z - Discover Arabia @ KDEN to OTHH

  • Aircraft and Livery:Qatar A350 or 77W

  • Route: KDEN-OTHH

  • Time of Departure: 03:00Z

  • Server:EXPERT

  • Additional Information:
    Join me as we fly from Denver to Doha in the beautiful Qatar A350 with an approximate flight time of 14 hours
    We will depart the beautiful Rocky Mountains fly over amazing scenery in land in the beauty of the Arabian gulf.
    Please adhere to all expert server rules we will have ATC on arrival into Doha

Time in US time zones
11 PM Atlantic
10 PM Eastern
9 PM Central
8 PM Mountain
7 PM Pacific
6 PM Alaska
5 PM Hawaii


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Topic will reopen within 3 hours of flight

Can’t wait to see everybody fly with me in two hours

So if you want to participate just spawn in a couple hours?

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Yes exactly

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Flight plan is ready and don’t forget to pack plenty of fuel it’s going to be a long one

Can I takeoff at a different airport and join you guys if possible? If so, please let me know which airport. It’ll probably take 5 minutes for me to be in the air after I spawn in. Thanks!!

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I am over Lincoln Nebraska you can wait and take off form Chicago or just depart Lincoln

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I know this isn’t a route but I could also takeoff from Des Moines Iowa?

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