26hr Journey in The A380

26 Hours In The A380

this is the longest flight I’ve ever done, I don’t know why I did it but I did so yeah I guess

anyway here’s what I did to get better fuel efficiency:

Set flaps to 3 the entire flight
Turned engine number 2 off
that’s about it
thanks @AndrewWu for the tips 👍

Plane: Airbus A380
Livery: Lufthansa
Route: EDDM to NTAA
Flight Time: 26hrs 28mins
Server: Expert

Parked at EDDM with @CrazyBee taking off doing his daily 20 hour flight lol

Banking out of Munich

Cruising over South Africa after the first 9 hours of the flight

Entering Antarctica

More Antarctica

Descending into NTAA


Parked at the gate after a long 26 hours

Here’s what the route looked like on InfiniteX. I purposefully made the flight plan that way in order to make it longer.

here’s the replay link in case you wanted to see it for whatever reason

I should go for 28hrs next time



just kidding. sounds like a fun flight and I kinda want to try it sometime. you should try and go all the way around the world without stopping. maybe you could do it in a DC-10F with aerial refueling. id be glad to be the fuel tanker for you!


Yeah that would be interesting to try sometime, it would take forever though lol

You’ll never take me alive!


you would be the most wanted offender of the realism law right there :/