26FEB23: The Iceland Flyout DEPARTED

Welcome to Reykjavík, the stunning Capital of Iceland🇮🇸! Join me at one of my favorite European Airports! Join me and my good friend @Wonderousbuilder641 in late February to give Keflavik International some love and make it busy!

Event Info
Airport: BIKF
Server: Training
Time: 2300Z, 3pm mst


Terminal Gates
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 Delta Minneapolis B757 @plane_guy12
2 IceAir London Gatwick B757 @Ben_Walsh
3 IceAir Akureyri B757 @Joel_Albert
4 Easyjet Edinburgh A321 @Bay_Area_Aviation
5 BA London Heathrow B738 @Parker_White1
6 Edelweiss Zurich A320 @John_The_Other
7 Finnair Helsinki A320 @UALPilot
8 Jet2 Manchester B757 @clk1290
9 IceAir Seattle B757
10 Norwegian Oslo B738 @Wonderousbuilder641
11 Norwegian Oslo B738 @Topgottem
14 easyJet Manchester A320 @FlyingWithPilot1
West Ramp Gates FULL
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
40 IceAir Boston B757 @swfl-pilot
42 Air Baltic Riga BCS3 @doctor_slaughter
44 United Chicago B757 @FirePaxton
46 Wizz Air Krakow A321 @United403
East Terminal Apron FULL
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
70 IceAir Amsterdam B757 @PhorzaSky
71 IceAir Boston B767 @AmericanB772
72 IceAir Dublin B757 @Harrison_S
73 IceAir Seattle B757 @55xzwsdvwy
74 IceAir London Heathrow B757 @ANDER_DE_IRIBAR
75 IceAir Seattle B757 @Neva
76 IceAir Washing Dulles B767 @Valters_Videnieks
77 IceAir Denver B757 @Avaitor1
78 IceAir Detroit B757 @Airplaneking08
79 IceAir Portland B757 @Ryan_15
West Golf Ramp
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 PLAY Baltimore A321 @InfiniteFlight-14
2 PLAY Boston A321 @AviationAlpha
3 PLAY Liverpool A321
4 PLAY Brussels A321
5 PLAY Madrid A321
6 PLAY Prague A321
7 PLAY Tenerife A321
8 PLAY Mallorca A321

Air Traffic Control

Frequency User
Ground @Butter575
Tower @Butter575
Departure @KBDLAviation


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun

This is the correct Post that is completed and ready

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I will take 71!

Sign me up for this please

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You Both are signed up!

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I’ll do GTS

Thanks for helping @Butter575

This one please

@UALPilot Your added!

I think I’ll take this one please!

@Wonderousbuilder641 I dare my self to let you claim that gate

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I triple dog dare you to let me claim that gate 🐕

Triple dog dare… Okay I guess so

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Event bump!!!

Can I have this please But as a Portland resident I know that they operate it on the 757-200 and very rarely the max 8-9


@Ryan_15 would you like the B757?

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Can I do Ice air to Detroit. That’s a new route starting this year?

yes please if thats ok

@Ryan_15 I’ll give you the B757
@Airplaneking08 I’ll give you the new route! Which aircraft

@United403 the 757 bc they don’t have the max