26FEB22 / 1900Z - TAP Air Portugal Virtual Presents: Flying through the CPL Countries II @GVAC

Fly out @GVAC

Hello and welcome aboard our second event along CPL Countries.
The portuguese language is spoken in other countries around the world and is the official language in some of them.

Our second leg will be in Cape Verde and the featured airline will be the country’s flag carrier: Cabo Verde Airlines post. TACV.


The Community of Portuguese Language Countries (Portuguese: Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa; abbreviated as the CPLP), also known as the Lusophone Commonwealth (Comunidade Lusófona), is an international organization and political association of Lusophone nations across four continents, where Portuguese is an official language.

The CPLP operates as a privileged, multilateral forum for the mutual cooperation of the governments, economies, non-governmental organizations, and peoples of the Lusofonia.

The CPLP consists of 9 member states and 32 associate observers, located in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania, totaling 37 countries and 4 organizations.

Event Info - CV

Saturday, February 26, 2022 7:00 PMSaturday, February 26, 2022 8:00 PM
Server: Expert
Event Type: Fly In and Fly out
Airport: Aeroporto Internacional Amílcar Cabral - GVAC/SID


  • Good and professional behaviour avoids violations. We are not responsible for any violation you may receive. 🚨

  • Use UNICOM wisely. In case of active frequencies, please follow instructions in order to avoid reports. 🚥

  • Generic livery must be used in alternative of non-existent ones. ✈

Flights Schedule - CV

Flights to Espargos

Gate Dep. Airport Dep. Time (in Zulu) Airline A/C Pilot
Remote 1 KBOS 3D 12:55 Cabo Verde Airlines B752 @Ritesh321
Remote 2 LPPT 15:30 TAP Air Portugal A339 @nOthing2seehere
Remote 3 FNLU 3D 12:25 TAAG Angola Airlines B772
Remote 4 LSZH 3D 12:55 Edelweiss A333
Gate 5 LPPR 3D 14:45 Iberojet A339 @Marcos_Nascimento
Gate 6 KIAH 3D 11:45 Cabo Verde Airlines B752 @MikaL
Remote 7 EGKK 3D 13:15 TUI Airways B789 @HUMVEE

Flights from Espargos

Gate Dest. Airport Est. Flight Time Airline A/C Pilot
Remote 1 EHAM 3D 5h45m TUI fly Netherlands B788 -
Remote 2 SBRF 3D 4h15m Cabo Verde Airlines B752 -
Remote 3 EBBR 3D 5h35m Brussels Airlines A333
Remote 4 GVNP 0h30 Cabo Verde Airlines B752 @flybarroso
Gate 5 GCLP 2h Binter Canarias CRJX -
Gate 6 LFPG 3D 4h30m Cabo Verde Airlines B752 -
Remote 7 GOBD 1h Cabo Verde Airlines B752 @ST-ART

ATC Frequencies Available

Frequencies Controller
ATIS @JSRibs28
Tower @JSRibs28
Approach -

Fly tapva

Throwing back to the first leg

This thread features astonishing screenshots of @Shane

TAP Air Portugal VA Events Team


Nice Event, Wish I could join but can’t. Also, Keep in mind that the Max fuel is 10 hours for the B757 I believe so people who are doing those long hauls will need to make a stopover. Good Luck on the Event!

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Oh wow, would be cool flying with you! BUT expect to see more events like that in the future, certainly there will be more opportunities for it!

Ahh yee, they’re all under the limits if you pay close attention to those, but thanks for warning, it’s never enough double check these warnings! 😁

J Barroso

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could I have this one please?

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Could I have the Edelweiss from Zurich? This time. I’m not 100% I can attend as the week is a vacation for us in Finland. We might be traveling or flying back from somewhere that day, but we’ll see

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Hello mate! As you wish, that flight is yours!
Thanks once again for participating in our events! ✈️❤

Oh really? Didn’t know that. Well, I will probably be in holidays but I’ll stay here 🤣.
Alright, I’ll sign you up! Thanks for choosing our events!!!

J Barroso


Thanks for organizing these awesome events!

Can I take this gate I HAVE to come to gvac

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I had the time difference in attention this time and I placed it in the “Event Informations” section!!! 😁

You certainly have to! Paradise on earth!!! I’ll place you there, thanks for joining us! ✈️❤

J Barroso

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I’m interested in this flight.

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And it’s yours! Always nice having you with us!!
Thanks for joining us pilot of ours! 😁❤✈️

J Barroso

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Perhaps, as soon as I land on the LPPR - GVAC flight, I will go up this route as well. If possible of course.

I will fly this one

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I’ll temporarily turn down your request as it wouldn’t be fair for someone who would want to do this flight, but, if no one requests it till there, I’ll place you there! 😁

Perfect! I’ll sign you up! Thanks for joining us!!!

J Barroso

Roger! I’m waiting.

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Thinking in flying to or from somewhere you’ve never been? That’s the event made thinking on you!

Join us and let’s fly!!!

Hello! You may need to correct you title as it is through not trough

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Let’s get more signups!!!

Can I take this please, if possible can I fly in instead of fly out? :) By the way, I sent an application into the VA!

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TAP Portugal*