26FEB22 / 1900Z - Kelowna Flyout @ CYLW

Kelowna Flyout

Welcome to my first event. This is a flyout event from the Canadian Rockie airport of Kelowna. Apart from current routes, it also features routes that are (or were) scheduled later this year (based on flightsfrom.com), for a total of 16 destinations across Canada, US and Mexico. If the winds are right, the terrain around the airport also provide an interesting departure. To top it off, the latest update brought moving jetbridges to YLW as well.

Time: 2022-02-26T19:00:00Z2022-02-26T20:20:00Z
Server: Expert
Airport: CYLW Kelowna


Destination ICAO Airline Flight number Aircraft Pilot
Toronto CYYZ Westjet WS514 B737/738
Toronto CYYZ Air Canada AC1128 BCS3
Toronto CYYZ Air Canada AC1130 A320/A321
Toronto CYYZ Swoop WO419 B738
Montreal CYUL Air Canada AC364 BCS3
Vancouver CYVR Air Canada AC8271 DH8D @xsrvmy
Vancouver CYVR Air Canada AC8273 DH8D
Vancouver CYVR Westjet WS3323 DH8D
Vancouver CYVR Westjet WS3325 DH8D
Vancouver CYVR Flair F8249 B738
Calgary CYYC Air Canada AC8392 DH8D
Calgary CYYC Air Canada AC8394 DH8D
Calgary CYYC Westjet WS188 B737/B738 @Tom_Jennings
Calgary CYYC Westjet WS3392 DH8D
Edmonton CYEG Westjet WS3366 DH8D
Edmonton CYEG Westjet WS3418 DH8D @CanadianNorth
Edmonton CYEG Flair F8757 B738
Edmonton CYEG Swoop WO509 B738
Ottawa CYOW Flair F8391 B738
Winnipeg CYWG Swoop WO166 B738
Victoria CYYJ Westjet WS3119 DH8D
Victoria CYYJ Flair F8250 B738
Abbortsford CYXX Swoop WO213 B738
Prince George CYXS Central Mountain 9M727 TBM9
Kitchener-Waterloo CYKF Flair F8320 B738
Whitehorse via Vancouver CYVR CYXY Air North 4N570 B737
Seattle KSEA Alaska AS2517 DH8D
San Jose Del Cabo MMSD Westjet WS2178 B738
Puerto Vallarta MMPR Westjet WS2164 B738
Cancun MMUN Westjet WS2162 B738

Note on callsigns:

  • There is no central mountain callsign in IF. Use a registration instead.
  • Westjet Dash-8s use Encore callsign.
  • Air Canada Dash-8s use Jazz callsign, and drops the starting 8.

Sign Ups

Comment the flight you want to fly to sign up. There are only 8 airlines gates at YLW, so I will add more waves if enough people come.

Wave 1 1900Z
Gate Pilot Flight No. Type
5 @xsrvmy AC8271(156VA) DH8D
8 @Tom_Jennings WS188 B737/8
9 @CanadianNorth WS3418(757VG) DH8D

Vancouver Center:

Note to ATC and everyone else: try not to backtaxi to save time.

@DarkspoulYT you might like this

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And you might like joining @AirCanadaVirtual !! I’ll try to join :)

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Sorry i can’t
In 4 va’s +
High school =

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Okay! I don’t care! I’ll force you to join!
Just kidding :) good luck with high school :D

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Thats fine!
Me casually talking here while in school 👁👄👁

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Lol!! What class…. Lemme guess… English or history

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It’s a bit different to US but rn we are doing Science
Gt to do my work see ya!

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See ya! (10 charactorjshshdbehsb)

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Please don’t chat in a public post.
BTW are either of you coming?

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Edmonton CYEG Westjet WS3418 DH8D
I’m also in WSVG.

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Finally we got a pilot :D
You have gate 9. BTW What’s your VA callsign (if you are going to use it that is)

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can I get gate 10 pls and what airport is it and what is the destination airport

Pick a flight instead of a gate. I’m assigning gates on the fly because there are only 8 proper gates.

(BTW gate 10 doesn’t even fit a dash 8, and the only flight there is a beechcraft to CYXS which you would have to use a TBM for)

Ill take it

I can’t go because I got a level two violation and can’t get back on the expert server for another 8 months.

Event is happening tomorrow. Any last minute sign-ups?

@Tom_Jennings @CanadianNorth

We will depart 16 today.

There are no proper SIDs put of yl. The intial climb out will be a right turn heading 231 towards the YWB beacon, then right heading 245 and continue en route after reaching 8000ft.

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I’ll open up ATC at CYLW