26FEB22 / 1530Z - The Middle Eastern Tour (Vol. 4) @ OEJN to OKBK

The Middle Eastern Tour | Vol. 4

Hello there! Welcome to the fourth Middle Eastern Virtual Alliance event! Middle Eastern Virtual Alliance will have a few more events coming in the future to explore more in the Middle East!

And for this month, we will be continuing our tour from Jeddah to Kuwait City with Saudia & Kuwait Airways!

  • Departure Airport: Jeddah (OEJN/JED)
  • Arrival Airport: Kuwait City (OKBK/KWI)
  • Date: 26 February 2022
  • Time: 2022-02-26T15:30:00Z 15:30 Zulu
  • Est. Flight Time: 1:30
  • Aircraft: B777-300ER
  • Livery: Saudia & Kuwait Airways
  • Server: Expert

If you want to join the event, simply, reply to this thread below with the gate you want to reserve, the livery you want to use, and your callsign.

Please note that your gate can be reallocated at any time, so please check your gate just before you spawn in.

Terminal 1A
Gate Pilot Aircraft Callsign
A1 Reserved for SVVA
A2 Reserved for SVVA
A3 Reserved for SVVA
A4 Reserved for SVVA
A5 @Omkar_Rathi Kuwait Airways B77W Etihad 001VA
A6 @Ritesh321 Kuwait Airways B77W Etihad 108VA
A7 @Sharan.Somayaji Kuwait Airways B77W Etihad 078VA
A8 @Airbuss Kuwait Airways B77W Etihad 727VA
A9 Reserved for EYV
A10 @SirMarkieMark Kuwait Airways B77W Emirates 001VA
A11 Reserved for DVA
A12 Reserved for DVA
A13 Reserved for DVA
A14 Reserved for QRV
A15 Reserved for QRV
A16 Reserved for QRV
A17 Reserved for QRV
Terminal 1C
Gate Pilot Aircraft Callsign
C1 Reserved for TKVA
C2 Reserved for TKVA
C3 Reserved for TKVA
C4 Reserved for LYVA
C5 Reserved for LYVA
C6 Reserved for LYVA
C7 @Cihan37 Kuwait Airways B77W
C8 @egor_a7xxl Saudia B77W
C9 @Cpt.TC Kuwait Airways B77W

Currently, the Middle Eastern Virtual Alliance has 6 VA members from many Middle Eastern countries. Check below to see about them and become a part of our family now!

Dubai Virtual Airlines - DVA

Dubai Virtual IFC Banner_ Spring

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Dubai Virtual Airlines strives to inspire our pilots to become the best they can be while providing a realistic and professional flying experience at the same time. We make sure our staff have the utmost professionalism and know how to guide our pilots in the right direction. We make sure that pilots are trained well and to our standards, while also providing an enjoyable experience all around. We create exciting and unique events on a weekly basis internally, with our companions, and externally. Our motivation is to always be better today than we were yesterday.

Etihad Virtual Airways - EYV

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Etihad Airways Virtual was founded by @Amaar_Viqar in 2018 & since then it has been a popular VA on IFC. After 2 years of inactivity, now in 2021, we (as a team) with the same ambition & dedication decided to bring the VA back to life again.

Qatar Airways Virtual - QRV

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Qatar Virtual Airways is part of virtual airlines in Infinite Flight Community with many active pilot’s around the world. We invite you into QRV and giving you the best VA experience.

Founded in August of 2019, we began as a small group of community members. We all had individual talents, skills but we shared a fixed mindset on one goal, to create Qatar Airways Virtual Airline which would last for years to come.

Based on the real-world sensation of Qatar Airways, we are a family of mature and professional community members who all unite in sharing a similar passion.

We may be a new Virtual Airline but our spirit and passion flow faster than ever! We hope to become one of the Leading Virtual Airlines in the Infinite Flight Community. We will do this by setting a foundation with a leading example for others to follow, incorporating years of knowledge, experience & passion into vibrant and efficient technological facilities for all pilots & members to utilise. To run a Virtual Airline of this scale takes time, effort and a lot of hard work. We pride ourselves on running a dynamic & efficient Leadership Team who are worth being recognised for their hours on end of hard work.

Saudia Virtual - SVVA

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Saudia Virtual was founded on 1 March 2021 by Andre Daniel and got approved by the IFVARB on 10 May 2021. Saudia is one of the best airline in Asia and the best in Saudi Arabia. We operate many aircraft, ranging from the narrow-body, Embraer E-190 to the wide-body, Boeing 747-8F. What do we offer to you? We offer you to fly with our 3 airlines across the globe! We have Saudia, Saudia Cargo, and Flyadeal as our mainline airline. Also, we operated from our main hub, Jeddah (JED/OEJN) with more than 250 routes across the globe! So, what are you waiting for? Come join us and explore the world with Saudia Virtual together!

Turkish Airlines Virtual - TKVA

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TKVA has been founded on July 7th of 2021. We currently hold one of the biggest fleets in the world of Infinite Flight and in the real world. And our staff is proud to run one of the most well-known VAs on the Infinite Flight Community. Meet us below and see what we each do to make your experience at Turkish Virtual that one mile better!

El Al Virtual - LYVA

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As the only Israeli VA in Infinite Flight, our goal is to represent what we have to offer. Some may take it that our country and airline are small compared to countries like the U.S. with three mainline carriers; however, we have just as much to offer, if not more. The pride we take in representing Israel is exceptional. Seeing our flag on the tail of our aircraft soaring at 34,000 feet is something no other airline could say, unless you’re flying El Al, of course!

Middle Eastern Virtual Alliance (MEVA) is an Alliance for all Middle Eastern VAs. Middle Eastern Virtual Alliance was founded in August 2021 by @Saudia263 & @Gritz. Middle Eastern Virtual Alliance was approved on 19 September 2021 by the IFVARB.

Check out our thread below!

  • All participants are requested to use Unicom or follow any ATC instructions (if present).

  • It is highly recommended to spawn on your gate at least 10 minutes before 15:30 Zulu.

  • The details of the flight will be posted 3 days before the event via IFC PM.

  • Please fly professionally. Anyone who not following ATC instructions and/or flying unprofessionally might be reported by an ATC controller.

  • We are not responsible for any violations you got while flying the event.


I will take OEJN GTS

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Gate C7 TKVA

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Added. Thanks for controlling!

What livery you want to use, and what’s your callsign?

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If its possible will fly Turkish Airlines livery (TK12H)

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I will fly Kuwaiti B77W, Can you book me a gate

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Turkish Airlines on OEJN-OKBK, Wont be realistic roght?

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Unfortunetly, you have to use the Saudia/Kuwait Airways livery.

Sure, you’re signed up. Thanks!

Can I have an eyv gate with the Kuwait Airways 77W?

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I would love to join but I believe I have to be in a VA for this

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No you can join in regardless of the VA, its open for IFC members too

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Oh ok thanks

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Ill take A10 with Kuwait Airways. Emirates 001VA

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Its ok please sign up for Kuwait airways

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Sure, you’re signed up. Thanks!

Let us know if you still want to join the event and what livery you want to use.

You’re signed up, thanks!

Added, see you there!


The event is in 10 days, don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t!

I’ll take C11 if possible. See you there :)

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С8 Saudia 77W

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Sure, what livery do you want?

You’re signed up. Thanks!

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I will use Kuwait if that’s ok :)

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