26DEC23: The Montreal Fly-out

Montreal is the second most populous city in Canada, the tenth most populous city in North America, and the most populous city in the province of Quebec. Montreal remains an important center of art, culture, literature, film and television, music, commerce, aerospace, transport, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, education, tourism, food, fashion, video game development, and world affairs. Montreal (CYUL) is one of the newest airports released in 23.3, and I realized it’s not super popular, so I decided I would host a flyout of this magnificent airport!

Expert Server

Gate Airline Destination Airplane User
1 American Dallas A320 @Imalwaysbmw
2 American Philadelphia E175 @Bay_Area_Aviation
3 Delta Atlanta A320
4 American New York LGA E175
5 Delta Minneapolis BCS3 @Mort
6 United Newark E175 @VortexVolt
7 United Washington Dulles E175
8 Westjet Calgary B738
9 Westjet Toronto Q400 @Prestoni
10 Sunwing Puerto Vallarta B738
11 Air Canada Calgary B789 @Cole_Woodard
12 Sunwing Puerto Plara B738
15 Sunwing Cabo San Lucas 738
17 Flair Halifax B738
19 Flair Vancouver B738
21 Flair Kitchener/Waterloo B738
23 Air Transat Cayo Coco A321
25 Air Transat San Fransico A321
27 Air Transat San Salvador A321
28 Air Transat Port-au-Prince A321
30 Air Transat Santa Clara A321
32 Air Transat Vancouver A321
34 Air Transat Fort Lauderdal A321
47 Air Transat Quebec City A321
48 Air Transat Sint. Marteen A321
49 Air Transat Havana A321
50 Corsair Paris Orly A339 @United403
51 British Airways London Heathrow B772
52 Copa Panama City B738
55 Edelweiss Zurich A333
56 Austrian Vienna B772
57A Tunisair Tunis A330 @Cobalt
58 Air France Paris Charles A350
59 TAP Lisbon A339
60 Royal Air Maroc Casablanca B788
61 Royal Jordanian Amman B788
63 KLM Amsterdam A333
64 Swiss Zurich A333
65 Qatar Doha B77W @Infiniteflight2
66 Lufthansa FrankfurtA333
67 Turkish Airlines Istanbul B77W
68 Air Algerie Algiers A333
73A Air Canada Paris A330
74 Air Canada San Diego A321
75 Air Canada San Juan A321
76 Air Canada Seattle B738
77 Air Canada Winnipeg BCS3
78 Air Canada Mexico City A321
79 Air Canada Halifax BCS3
80 Air Canada Fort Myers A321
81 Air Canada R Orlando A319
82 Air Canada R Las Vegas A320
83 Air Canada R Montego Bay A319
84 Air Canada R Fort Lauderdale A319
85 Air Canada R Phoenix A320
86 Air Canada R Cancun A319
87 Air Canada R Cozumel A319
88 Air Canada R Puerto Plata A320
89 Air Canada R Tampa A319
West Ramp
Gate Airline Destination Airplane
W1 Air Canada Tel Aviv B77W
W2 Air Canada Buenos Aires B77W
W3 Air Canada Delhi B789
W4 Air Canada Tokyo Narita B77W
W5 Air Canada Cairo B77W
South Ramp
Gate Airline Destination Airplane User
1A Air Canada Ottowa E175 @Wonderousbuilder641
1B Air Canada Detroit CRJ2
2A Air Canada Gander CRJ9
2B Air Canada Raleigh/Durham E175 @MrGoatX
3 Air Canada Venice A333
4 TAP Lisbon A333 @ayyjay
North Remote Stands
Gate Airline Destination Airplane User
N1 Air Transat Paris A333
N2 Air Transat London Gatwick A333
N3 Air Transat Athens A333 @MANDELA
N4 Air Transat Nice A333
N5 Air Transat Madrid A333
N6 Air Transat Rome A333
N7 Air Transat Brussels A333

ATIS Ground Tower Approach Departure Centers

  • Follow ATC Instructions
  • Do not troll with other pilots
  • If ATC is not available, please use unicom properly.
  • Have Fun!!!

@United403 (for the gate assignments)
@MANDELA (for the banner)
Montreal - Wikipedia

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Charlotte Fly-out

I’ll take this one please!

Me please!

This one please!

This please

I’ll take Tunisair if available ^, as it seems you forgot to put it in the list

This but to Calgary please

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This please

Me por favor

@Bay_Area_Aviation @Mort @Cole_Woodard @MANDELA @Wonderousbuilder641
You have all been added!

@Prestoni unfortunately @Cole_Woodard already requested that gate


And me please?

Could i have it at another gate

This but to Rome

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yes give me a little bit i gotta figure out how to get you in

good choice

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this please


good choice

aircraft and destination?

sorry, i’ve never heard of tunisair so i’m unsure

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A330 & DTTA (Tunis, Tunisia), thank you

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youre all good to go!

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