26DEC23: Massive Boeing Flyout

Keep filling up Paine Field

Keep them sign ups coming ✈️✈️

do you by any change have a gate left for a 787 going to frankfurt, would like to do a Lufthansa delivery flight to EDDF

@Helzluis absolutely!!! Enjoy

Can i take the b77W for honolulu?

@Ita_Pilota_mg88 absolutely! Amazing choice

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I’ll take this please! BTW I might be able to swap to Appr/Dep depending on when I finish radar training ( and pass my tests of course)

@TheNorthwestDog Roger that! Best of luck on Radar 🫡🫡

Can you put me as a ANA 787-8 I wanna do a delivery flight too

@ayyjay absolutely

I don’t think you can fly 737’s into London City on expert server

@xIcyLion welcome back to the community!
The 737-700 is one of the larger aircraft that is allowed into EGLC, along with the A220-300 and A318


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One Week Left!
Keep filling up Paine Field

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Is it possible if if I could get this but to Kahului?

@VortexVolt it absolutely is possible 😝

This one please

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@LuckyRc Roger that

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May I take center instead

@BenjiTheBull I suppose

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