26DEC23: Massive Boeing Flyout

I want to take 41 to 4
retirement flight

772LR to PDX please

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@Proswitchgaming30 @Ryan_Carney you both are added

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Thanks see you there host

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Coming to KIND w me?

Where is that cause I was going to fly of to Brisbane then Gold Coast then Melbourne and Sydney

Indianapolis, that is where the real retirement flight went

This one good sir

@RagonDragon coming right up

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Keep filling up Paine Field 🇺🇲 ✈️

Bump time 😆

Can i have this one?

@Carlos_Sousa absolutely! Amazing choice

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Can I switch mine to a 777-200LR to Denver

@Cole_Woodard yes ofc

Time to destroy the runway >:)

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@NonStopPopFM you enjoy that 😈

It’s been pretty quiet over here. ✈️✈️🇺🇲🇺🇲

Can I switch this to Kona and as a 77W

@Cole_Woodard absolutely