26DEC23: Massive Boeing Flyout

This but to anchorage please

@Cole_Woodard coming right up

Actually this to Des Moines please

@Cole_Woodard alright

Dose the MD-11 count as Boeing,
because McDonald Douglas merged with Boeing?

@Topgottem yes absolutely

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Ya know the drill

But to where

I’ll take this

@ayyjay @Topgottem you both have been added

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Actually give me Rome

Can I take Alaska to Anchorage on the 737 please? If not, I can just do the E175.

@Delta174J @Apple_Haye you both have been added

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Me please!

@Prestoni amazing choice

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Wait a minute. I thought you were an Airbus fanboi @United403?

@PhorzaSky only for the Butter neo
Nothing else 😈

Interesting. Not even the A350 or A220?

Not as much as the 757 and 777

Neat. I respect that

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