26DEC22 / 2000Z - Six Years of DLVA // Anniversary Celebration from KSLC-KATL

Six Years of Delta Virtual

Dec. 26, 2016 - Dec. 26, 2022
Celebrating 6 years of Connecting Pilots to the World

KATL Fly-In Event

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Celebrate 6 years of Delta Virtual with us as we host a KATL fly-in, connecting the gateway to the West to the heart of DLVA!

Choose your favorite departure spot from one of your favorite airports or join us for the main flight from Salt Lake City to Atlanta!

Server: Expert
Airport: Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC)

Main Event Flight
We will begin departing to KATL as a group flight from KSLC at approximately 3:00 pm EST.

How do I sign up?

Sign up is simple! Fill out the quick questionnaire below and reply in this thread! You’ll get a confirmation “like”, be added to the attendee list, and then as we approach the event time, added to a specific event PM!

Aircraft Selected:

Click to View Available Delta Aircraft


  • A220
  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • A333
  • A339
  • A359


  • B712
  • B738
  • B739
  • B744
  • B752
  • B763
  • B772ER
  • B772LR
  • B788


  • CRJ2
  • CRJ7
  • CRJ9


  • E170
  • E175

McDonnell Douglass

  • MD-11

Flying Delta colors is NOT required, you may fly your favorite colors into or out of ATL.

Flight plans and route information

Click to View Flight Plan/Route Info

Departure: RUGGD1
Arrival: GLAVN1
FL: 350
Speed: ~ M.78 to M.85 depending on aircraft

Flight plans may be updated prior to departure. Please check before your departure time for most updated information.

Nestled into the Rocky Mountains, SLC is a destination international airport with beautiful views both in
and out of the area. With interesting weather, high winds, and a good chance of snow in the wintertime, SLC provides all kinds of challenges for the pilots to get in and out of the airport.

Do I have to be a part of DLVA to join this event?
Nope! This event is open to any pilot eligible to fly on the expert server! We encourage pilots of the community to join us, as well as any VA’s that want to be a part of the event!

Do I have to make my own flight plan?
If you are choosing to join us from KSLC-KATL, then a pre-planned route will be provided. If you are flying to/from another airport, you will be expected to create your own flight plan.

Will there be SIDs/STARs at SLC and/or ATL?
At peak event hours, both fields may be expected to be heavily congested with traffic. Using SIDs and STARs for both SLC and ATL procedures are required. These procedures help keep the immediate airspace surrounding both airports organized and flowing. Failure to use SIDs and STARs will result in a violation/report.

Do I have to fly the designated event routes to be a part of the event?
Of course not! When flying out of SLC and/or into ATL, you pick your origin and destination of your choice! However, it is up to you to choose your departure time for your flight into SLC for the best arrival time in order to catch our main flight to ATL!

What should I be aware of when in the SLC and/or ATL airspace?
During this event, the airspace may be busy! Arrival and Departure procedures will be in use. Pilots are asked to practice professionalism and to follow directions exactly as they are given. Failure to cooperate with ATC instruction will result in a violation/report.

Our Mission
Delta Virtual strives to uphold the highest standards of the Infinite Flight Community, the IFVARB, and our pilots. We encourage our community to be active members of the IFC, to create an environment of
enjoyment, kindness and professionalism. DLVA is also active in pilot training, to promote learning and to promote growth in each individual.

Our Vision
To be leaders in aviation with service through punctuality, friendliness, and professionalism.

Our Foundation
We were officially recognized as a certified Virtual Airline by the IFVARB on December 26, 2016. In over six years of service, we have grown to be one of the largest VA’s on Infinite Flight. This number does not come without quality as we hold a very high standard of professionalism both on the IFC, the VA Community, and on the IF Live Servers.

DLVA strives for professionalism, strives to help our pilots grow, and strives to be a leader in the Infinite
Flight Community.

Our Team - The DLVA Board of Directors
Upon the founders departure from the DLVA Staff, the team decided that the Virtual Airline would be led by a team of staff, all holding equal power to direct DLVA in the best interest of the pilots and in the Infinite Flight Community. Taking the foundation and running with it, the DLVA BoD have helped the VA soar with the most routes, the most features, and the best website on Infinite Flight.

Event Thread Credits
Special thanks to the DLVA Events team with help from @travelingcornstalk.


Looks cool 👀

guess ill join

Callsign: N492SP
Gate at SLC: any
Aircraft Selected: B77L

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Gate at SLC: Any
Aircraft Selected 744

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Callsign: Delta 868VA
Gate at SLC: Any
Aircraft Selected: B757

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Callsign: DL 528VA
Aircraft Selected: MD11

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Callsign : Finnair 2VA
Gate : any
Aircraft : B767

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Callsign: DL 40VA
Aircraft: A359

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Callsign: DL 16VA
Aircraft: BCS3

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Callsign : DL 427VA
Aircraft : A330-300

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DL 115VA
I’ll take any gate on the B739

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Gate at SLC: Any
Aircraft Selected: 757

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Callsign: DL 134VA
Aircraft: B777-200ER

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Callsign: Delta 285VA
Aircraft: B752

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Callsign: DLVA718
Gate A19 at SLC
Aircraft: A339

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Less than 3 weeks until departure! ✈️ There is still time and plenty of room to join!

One week away from celebrating six years! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Callsign: DLVA827
Gate A15 at SLC
Aircraft: A200-300

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Callsign: DL 169VA
Aircraft: B752

Extra seasoned Senior Captain!!


Callsign: DL 640VA
Gate at SLC: Any
Aircraft Selected: B757

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Ready to take to the skies to celebrate with the DLVA fam and community on monday!

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