26DEC21 / 1900Z - The Mega EDDF 90s FLYOUT @EDDF

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Can I take the flight to KSFO?
Lufthansa 1158 A350

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You can have the flight, but unfortunatly not with the A350 :/

:/ Ok, which aircraft can I use then?

The B747-400 is the only aircraft in IF, which was operated by Lufthansa in the 90s

Good, I am using it then

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Ill take KJFK Pan am 742 please im not sure i will make it but just count me in for the moment.

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Okay, I signed you up

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Do we spawn in? Or is it too early

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You can already spawn

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wheres everyone and the ATC?

We departed 1 hour ago…

but the event is at 8:00 PM ZULU

It was at 19:00 Zulu :/

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