26DEC21 / 1800Z - Air Force 1 Group Flight @KADW to KJFK [CANCELLED]

It’s been a while since the last Air Force 1 Flyout, let’s have another one!

  • Aircraft and Livery
    VC-25 - Air Force One [Only 1]
    757-200 (US Air Force Livery) [Only 1]
    F-14 (Any livery)

  • Route

  • Time of Departure

  • Server
    Training Server


Additional Information

  • Flight Plan
    Copy from me (THB), I’ll be there 20 mins before departure.
    Cruise Height: FL 280
    Cruise Speed: 0.78 Mach
    If all else fails follow the flight parameters of Air Force 1

  • Flight Duration
    30-45 minutes

  • Reminders
    Let’s try to have only 1 Air Force One and 1 Air Force Two (hence the names), but the training server is always unpredictable. Since this is not the expert server you are allowed to do some aerobatic maneuvers in the fighter jets while in cruise.

  • Flight Procedures
    Half of the fighter jets should stay with AF1 and the other half with AF2 throughout the entire flight. All aircraft should have at least 20 ft separation during takeoff/landing, and 100ft separation during cruise.

  • Callsigns
    VC-25: “Air Force 1”
    757-200: “Air Force 2”
    F-14s, F-16s, F/A-18s, and F-22s: Air Force 3+

  • ATC:
    Anyone is free to be Ground/Tower at KADW on departure / KJFK on Arrival. If there are no ATC always utilize the Unicom system.

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