26DEC20 / 0500Z - Haulin Cargo - Cargolux 747-8f @ELLX-KDFW

Hello! I have a fun flight planned tomorrow night and I was wondering if anyone like to fly with me?

Aircraft- Boeing 747-8i Freight

Livery- Cargolux


Expected Flight time- 10 hours 30 minutes

Spawn Time: 2020-12-27T05:10:00Z

Expected Takeoff time- 2020-12-27T05:30:00Z

Departure Time and Day: 0500Z / Saturday

Cruise Altitude: FL320-FL380

Cruise Speed: Mack .84-.86

Server: Expert

Flight Sim: Infinite Flight

Extra Information:

  • I will give you correct loads such as (fuel, cargo and more) as well as any other fact you need to know in order to fly UNLESS YOU JOIN. This will also include gates arrival and departure as well as correct runways.
  • If you sign up, you will be added to a group PM. Please be ready for announcements.

Hi there, your title is a bit out of format, please look at this

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Also how long is the flight?

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10 hours 30 minutes

What’s bad about my title. The first few seconds I posted the subject it was bad but I’m not sure what’s bad about it now

I moved it to #live:groupflights for a reason. Please keep it there


My bad. I though I had it there.

Please take a look at the link I gave you

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Look at how to format your titles olease

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Is that better? Please let me know if I need to change anything else

You don’t need to put in the aircraft in the title, and also you don’t need the | you put in, that’s all

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I did exactly as the example.

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Ok, it’s good now, thanks

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I can’t attend unfortunately because landing time is like 2 in the morning for me

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Okay. It’s all good

If you are coming, be aware that the spawn in time is in about 45 minutes!

10 minutes left till spawn in

Rescheduled for tomorrow. Same time though.

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