26Dec report at EIDW


I am not sure if this is the correct place to contact you. My Cllsign tail number is N584WI I was flying an A350 and had just landed at EIDW. was taxiing to parking after being cleared to do so. It was almost dark and I made a turn onto what looked like a taxi way. In the process I crossed a tin strip of grass. i knew i did it and it was to late to change that. You made a call to not taxi on the grass. And then shortly after you sent me a violation. I understand you are not suposed to be in the grass but i didn’t realize it until it was to late as the taxiways are not lit and the landing lights do not illuminate the ground.

 Would it be possible to remove my violation so I can return to the expert server before my 7 days is up?

Could you check your logbook and tell us who reported you?

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Was it a violation or a report? Once we know which one it is, we can help you. :)

Check this:

@Airbus_737 was the controller and he should pm you after you close :)

@Cooper Violation. Maybe has too many to be on Expert Server.

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I’ll Dm you 🙂

Thank you for sharing. I did see that article. I am not sure the correct way to contact the controller

Chris Wing was the ground controller

@Chris_Wing will PM you when he gets the chance!