26AUG23: The Large Los Angeles Takeover

Ah okay! Enjoy your visit

Thank you everybody, enjoy your flights and thank you @Butter575 for this amazing event!!


And we’re off!

Thanks @Butter575 for this amazing event and thanks @Reuben_Mehmet for the ATC!

then i’ll push .82
if u go .83 then you’ll have an unwanted visit by system handing over a violation

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2 reports and counting lol

No fun haha, joking i’ll probably keep .79, maybe .8 or .81 to catch up

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I was at terminal 5 also, it’s not that long of a walk but you follow the escalators down and then just follow sign Tom bradley there is some construction going on but nothing too bad, on the way there you can lots of american aircraft at terminal 4 and then comes TBIT.

Hopefully ill be flying into SFO next year!

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Thnks for the great ATC and for your support to this event also to @Butter575 👏🏻🙃

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Enjoy San Francisco, make sure to check out the Golden Gate Bridge!

Will do, hopefully be flying lufthansa 747!

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What a lovely view over Cali!! Thanks again for hosting @Butter575 !!

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thanks! ( characters )

@Butter575 im out at the end of the hour

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Off now, thanks everyone!


Just landed in Boise!

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not even halfway to OGG yet…


Just descending down into Jackson, views are lovely!

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currently on a 13 mile final for runway 19!!
This view never gets old

Maybe it does when the visibility is less than 10km 😝😝

(Edit now it decided to bump back up to 50 🤨)