26AUG23: The Large Los Angeles Takeover

@DabOnIF I’ll wait for you in Jackson after I land 😝

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@Butter575 thanks for hosting! 1:45 till I land in my beautiful mountain valley

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If you are wondering why I am giving LUAW commands its bc i dont want conflict in the air after departure with 24L and 25R

The wind gods decided to be nice today 🥳🥳

@Butter575 thanks for hosting! should be about 4hrs 30 over to OGG!


Damn you sure you installed the same game as me? how does your terrain look good 💀

Might have tailstiked my 787 😭😭

@NonStopsAviation if you look up… You’ll see a rogue A320 🤪🤪🤪

i dont even know 💀

Where I don’t see it

@anon36731834 ill be turning right in front of you shortly

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I was flying over 25R as you were lining up

Oh really? I’ll check it in the replay after I land

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@Reuben_Mehmet Thanks for atc, and @Butter575 Thanks for this awesome event!

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The lag at LAX is insane

Thanks, enjoy the flight!

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@Butter575 mind if I share 2 of my events?

That’s fine.

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@Reuben_Mehmet how long do you plan to be on atc for?

As a frequent flyer out of LAX, I have gotten used to the lag