26AUG23: The Large Los Angeles Takeover

@Reuben_Mehmet Maybe no intersection deaprtures?

@Reuben_Mehmet Why didn’t you clear me earlier?

Yep changing that now

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Yeah it’d be nice…. Probably bound to happen anyway


I will give you the honor to pushback before me (Im breeze)

No you can push

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CHARLIE Now active, please tune into ATIS quickly, No interesection deps, no light ac

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Pushbacks can now start

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Alrighty! Adios

Is anyone coming with me to JFK?

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I can’t pan my camera, does anyone know if it’s a known bug? tried restarting and everything

What device are you on? It happens to me when I use my ipad with stage manager enabled and I go into another window while the flight is loading

pause the game and unpause… usually fixes it

I can’t join as my pro ran out

Dang, no problem

Was really looking forward to this event aswell :(

Definitely not me forgetting about this… making fpl now

I’m heading to Washingon (IAD) pretty close to Ny

Im headed to Norfolk, VA ! (KORF)

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Guys people who are on taxiway charlie merge onto bravo that’s the main taxiway for runway 25R

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