26AUG23: The Large Los Angeles Takeover

that’s training server, the second, IFATC like me and you can’t control on that server anymore

Thanks for the awesome event @Butter575 and thanks for ATC @Reuben_Mehmet
Mind if I share one of my events?

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Yeah sure.

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Thank you @Reuben_Mehmet for ATC and @Butter575 for the event! hope to see you guys soon!

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I was there on August 9th coming back home from vacation and I connected there, massive airport make sure to check out the Tom Bradley terminal.

On my way to stalk @United403

Thanks for the fab event @Butter575 and the fab ATC @Reuben_Mehmet !!


1 report lol, no intersection deps allowed…

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@IFChile-BossCL sorry about that, had to report the guy infront

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I’ll try ( don’t think I can sadly )

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Short connection?

Nah, i’m going to be in LA for labor day weekend hopefully I can look at it


i have many places to hide

Sweet what airline you flying in with? If Delta check out Terminal 3 as it has been redone and has all new sorts of shops! Even a gaming lounge!

Thank you everyone for joining and @Reuben_Mehmet for the amazing ATC. I hope to see you all soon in Montana. Have a nice flight everyone


JetBlue from FLL

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You can run but you can’t hide 😈

Maybe if i push mach .8 you can’t run either 😝

Ah okay! Enjoy your visit

Thank you everybody, enjoy your flights and thank you @Butter575 for this amazing event!!


And we’re off!

Thanks @Butter575 for this amazing event and thanks @Reuben_Mehmet for the ATC!