26AUG20 / 0130Z - Longest U.S. Domestic Flight! @PHNL - KBOS

Longest U.S. Domestic Flight!

This flight takes around 9hrs and 30mins and will bring all the way across the contiguous United States with a sunrise landing in Boston!

See more here: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/hawaiian-airlines-longest-us-domestic-flight/index.html

FlightAware link: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/HAL89

  • Aircraft and Livery ✈️: Boeing 777-200ER - United (Battleship Gray)

  • Route 🗺: 🛫 Honolulu (PHNL) - 🛬 Boston (KBOS)

  • Times ⏰: Take-off: 2020-08-26T01:30:00Z → Landing: 2020-08-26T11:30:00Z

  • Server 🗄: Expert server

  • Additional Information:

Altitude : FL380 (38,000ft)
Speed: 250/310/.78 (may change)


  • I won’t be responsible for any violations
  • please respect Unicom
  • I will be doing the return leg, feel free to tag along!
  • Have fun!

Departing in just over an hour!

I would join but I can’t

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@Jacob_Layton I have return leg at 2020-08-26T12:00:00Z if you want to join

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No it’s the times 😂

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Aww just saw you live in California… must be an early arrival for you

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I just clicked on random buttons instead of the back arrow 😂
Just the random emojis show up that I didn’t know I clicked on 😂

If you really want to join you can spawn in with me, but instead of ending the flight at KBOS you could directly fly to a European destination, that should put arrival somewhere at noon your time?

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No it’s fine thanks though!

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I’m sad I missed it, but I might join you for the return leg.

Ok great! Can we use our last PM?

I didn’t really know about this route, I hope to do it soon with the A330-200!!

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